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Find bird sitters in Dayton, OH that you’ll love

17 bird sitters are listed in Dayton, OH

The average rate is $12/hr as of July 2024

The average experience for nearby bird sitters is 4 years

Bird sitters in Dayton, OH

Kait H.'s Photo

Kait H.

Dayton, OH

$10-20/hr5 yrs exp

Full/Part-Time Pet Provider

Hired by 3 families in your neighborhood

I have cats, one bird, dogs, two ferrets, a crab and I've had/fostered rabbits, rats, snakes, fish, horses and many more from nursing babies to seniors - small to giant. I feel taking on the pet care of others is possibly the best job ever (even the nastiest of nasty parts). I understand that each animal is different in its own...
Kait can also help with: Boarding, dog training, administration of medicine, pet walking, grooming, pet sitting & more

Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified

Bonded and insured

"Kait is wonderful - she is great at communicating, flexible, very dependable, but most importantly, she is excellent with Hugey. She lets me know if she has any concerns about him, like diet, tummy, etc. Plus, Hugey really loves her! She really knows pets and how...

Laura W.

I love being around animals! I've had all types of them my entire life. All the way from cats and dogs to birds, fish, and reptiles! I would love to find a way to include animals more into my every day life
Rosalyn can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, daily feeding
I have 3 younger siblings. I have grown up with many animals including dogs, cats, birds, Guinea pigs, lizards, and more. I am currently in college and am needing to make some cash to help with expenses. Everything will be well taken care of!
Jordyn can also help with: Pet transportation, boarding, pet walking, pet sitting
Amber W.'s Photo

Amber W.

Dayton, OH

$15-25/hr5 yrs exp

Animal Lover

I absolutely adore animals! Dogs and cats are my favorite buy I enjoy others as well. I have 5 years experience with stayover dog and cat and sometimes even bird sitting as well as dog walking for people from church and just friends and family.
Amber can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting
Katie P.'s Photo

Katie P.

Dayton, OH

$10-20/hr10 yrs exp

I am a huge lover of all animals. I've grown up with dogs, cats, snakes, hamsters, mice, fish, hedgehogs, birds, etc my whole life and love to take care of them! Nothing makes me happier than a happy animal! Play time, bath time, cuddles, etc. Whatever is needed is no problem
Katie can also help with: Pet walking, boarding
Lisa F.'s Photo

Lisa F.

Dayton, OH

$15-30/hr10 yrs exp

Life Long Animal Lover

I got my love of animals from my both grandpas, and grew up helping on my one grandpa's farm. farm. I have worked in animal welfare for six years, as a professional groomer for eight years and at a vet clinic for four years. During that time I have worked with many different animals including farm animals, reptiles, large birds...
Lisa can also help with: Pet sitting, boarding, grooming, pet transportation, pet walking
Olivia P.'s Photo

Olivia P.

Dayton, OH


Experienced And Caring Pet Sitter

Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

Hello! My name is Olivia and I am currently a senior at the University of Dayton studying early childhood education. I have been a pet sitter for 6+ years now and I have taken care of everything from your simple dog and cat all the way to ferrets, birds, and rabbits! I have experience with animals that have medical needs that...
Hannah P.'s Photo

Hannah P.

Franklin, OH

$20-45/hr1 yrs exp

I have 1 year of experience. I can help with Grooming and Pet Walking/sitting. I have 3 dogs , a bird, and a bearded dragon of my own.
Hannah can also help with: Grooming, pet walking, pet transportation, pet sitting
Kristen F.'s Photo

Kristen F.

Tipp City, OH

$5-15/hr1 yrs exp

Animal Care Provider In Your Home

Need help making sure your animals are fed while you take a weekend away? Willing to come to your house and see to the animals. Feed, water, handle as needed. Experience with dogs, cats, fish, geckos, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, and birds (have had as personal family pets at one point or another) -- cats at my house...
Kristen can also help with: Grooming, daily feeding, pet walking, pet sitting, pet transportation, administration of medicine & more
Kelley G.'s Photo

Kelley G.

Xenia, OH

$8-25/hr10 yrs exp

Pet Sitter

I am a mother and animal mother. I want to provide the same care for others pets as I do my own. I have cared for the following: dogs, cats, exotic birds, ducks, chickens, goats, horses, cows, pigs, turkeys, snakes, lizards, hamsters, and more. Let me give you piece of mind while you are away from your animal family.
Katie B.'s Photo

Katie B.

Fairborn, OH

$10-25/hr10 yrs exp

Pet Sitter

I have had a dog for all of my 24 years, and cats for almost as long. I work with horses, -'d have no fear of other animals. I have watched birds, rabbits, hamsters, fish, you name it!
Katie can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, dog training, administration of medicine
Erin W.'s Photo

Erin W.

Englewood, OH

$10-20/hr8 yrs exp

Animal Caregiver

I've had pets my entire life, domestic and exotic. I've had a lot of different species, from frogs to birds and hedgehogs and dogs and cats. I've volunteered at an exotic animal ranch in Troy for 8 years now, so I have experience with larger animals/exotics as well. I am comfortable around most things, even snakes (the...
Erin can also help with: Pet walking, pet transportation, administration of medicine, pet sitting
Brittany H.'s Photo

Brittany H.

Brookville, OH


Pet Care Provider

I am a huge pet lover. Growing up, I owned and took care of several animals such as dogs, birds, rabbits, fish, hamsters and occasionally cats. I currently have a Jack Russell Terrier named Jack who I love dearly. He is spoiled! He loves car rides and walks!
Brittany can also help with: Pet sitting, daily feeding, administration of medicine, pet walking
Cynthia C.'s Photo

Cynthia C.

Franklin, OH

$15-20/hr5 yrs exp

My name is Cynthia. I have many years of experience with animals. I have experience with cats, dogs, birds. I am looking for full time work with animals. I look forward to hearing from you.
Alexis C.'s Photo

Alexis C.

Franklin, OH

$14-22/hr1 yrs exp

I have experience working with various animals, dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc. I love all animals and appreciate caring for them! I have experience in pet sitting, dog walking, overall pet care and pet transportation. I offer my services in hopes to improve the life of others, it's hard to juggle all of life's responsibilities on...
Alexis can also help with: Pet walking, pet transportation, pet sitting, boarding

Megan O.

Englewood, OH

$5-10/hr4 yrs exp

Lover Of All Animals, Especially A Corgi Lover! Available For Occasional Dog Sitting And Overall Pet Care

I grew up in a house full of animals and I Ioved it. We had all kinds of birds, cats, dogs, rats, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles and a tarantula. My mom taught me from a very young age, these pets were a part of the family. I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Megan can also help with: Pet sitting, daily feeding, pet walking

Shelbi P.

Englewood, OH

$13-20/hr10 yrs exp

Animal Lover Wanting To Help!

Animals of all kinds are my biggest passion! I am a lover of all animals and I have many years of experience with all types. I personally have 5 dogs, cats, reptiles and small animals. I also have experience with birds ranging from parakeets, doves, conures to African grays and cockatoos. I am comfortable with any pet related...
Shelbi can also help with: Pet walking, pet transportation, pet sitting

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