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Kimberly B.|Lakeland, FL

$10-15/hr 10 yrs exp

Available for Tutoring, Errands & Grocery Shopping, and Pet Services

Hello. I am currently available to provide assistance within my community for tutoring, errands & grocery shopping, and pet services. My tutoring specialties are math and writing with a special interest in algebra of all levels and middle school math. I myself LOVE math and enjoy teaching it to others. My preference is to meet with students in places such as a coffee shop or a library so the setting is very relaxed and comfortable. I try to use a lot of different worksheets (with math) until I find a style that works best for each individual student. I often find that with math repetition is the key. However, I always keep in mind that many students can get quite bored with math homework, so I am aware of monitoring frustration levels. My tutoring time is flexible - if a student does best in 1/2 hour segments or 3/4 hour segments or even 90 minute segments I am willing to meet their schedule. Math can be fun and once a student begins to succeed and to actually "get it" there will be a world of difference in both attitude and accomplishment! I am also available to run errands and do grocery shopping for those in need of such services. I have done this in the past for several neighbors and friends and would like to expand my outreach to others in the community. Thank you for reviewing my qualifications. Please contact me if you are in need of any of the services I provide. Please note, also, that of course my rates are different for the various services provided. Pet services and errand services are usually $10 - $15 per hour and tutoring is usually $25 per hour.

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