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Hands-on Care Needed For My Mother In Arlington Heights With Aspiration Issues

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 06/07 Arlington Heights, IL
About who needs care: My mom has mild dementia Hypertension GERD She needs encouragement to walk with her walker and do some exercises on the off days from the PT who currently comes in 3x a week Her interests sometimes are playing cards board games or doing simply puzzles with assistance Her typical day consists of getting up and washing up with minimal assistance getting dressed needs assistance eats breakfast needs to be prepared for her naps try to engage her in some activity if she is up to it eats lunch needs to be prepared for her try to engage her in some activity if she is up to it naps before or after lunch is when she typically has the 3x a week PT She does watch TV but gets very bored with it. The only shows that hold her attention sometimes are Jeopardy and Chicago PD and Chicago Fire She needs assistance in the bathroom for urination and bowl movements About the care needs: A woman age 40-60 with plenty of patience They need to take things slowly with her They need to be pro active with encouraging her to do things not letting my mom be the lead for example if you ask my mom to do an activity and she says no she is tired than let her rest for an hour and ask again and encourage and coax her to do the activity don't just accept she doesn't want to or wont do anything and lay in bed all day Preferably someone who looks at life as the glass is half full they must dress presentable and be clean and be extremely mindful of keeping my mom clean at all times especially after a bathroom visit constant washing of hands is a must Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, companionship, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance. Preference for a caregiver who is female.
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FAQs for senior care jobs in Barrington

How much do senior care jobs pay in Barrington, IL?
The average pay rate for elder care jobs in Barrington, IL on is $14.00 per hour as of June 2021. This rate is based on private at-home senior care and may vary depending on your experience caring for seniors, certifications that you may have, and the specific services that you can perform.
What type of senior care jobs can I find in Barrington, IL? has 10 senior care jobs in Barrington, IL. You can search jobs posted by local families looking to hire a caregiver for their elder loved ones by distance from Barrington. From there, you can compare jobs by hourly pay rate, the type of senior care you specialize in and the desired schedule and days you wish to work.
Can I find a senior care job during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Many families and caregivers continue to rely on as a place to connect and help each other especially during these critical times. Many families will want to have a reliable and responsible person who can care for their elder loved ones safely at home and run errands for them during these times. If you're looking for a senior care job, there are currently 10 job opportunities in Barrington, IL posted by families who need help to care for their seniors at home.