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Companion Care Needed For My Father In Boulder Creek

Part Time
About who needs care: My father is very stubborn and independent. He doesn't want help but he needs it. He will be 92 This July. He has severe hearing loss and just failed his vision test at the DMV. He lives 160 miles away from family and will not relocate as he built his home himself and wants to pass away there. He has a bad hip but takes tiny steps and has been fully self sufficient despite the flight of stairs to get into his home. I am having an intervention with him on fathers day with my sister to try to convince him to accept help. He needs cataract surgery to restore vision and renew his license. He will need help getting medications in cvs in felton, getting groceries, and possibly setting up and going to eye appointments and the dmv in the near future as he claims he won't have the cataract surgery. I'm not yet sure what other forms of assistance he may need. He is rather eccentric. He is missing half his teeth on his upper jaw but refused the partial denture. His body seems to have difficulty with many foods and he likes his meals the same each day. He has specific routines that he needs to keep in order to be comfortable. (my son is autistic and I feel my father shares some of the OCD / autistic tendencies to a degree) He is deaf in one ear and only has limited hearing remaining in the other ear. One needs to speak loudly very close to his ear for him to actually hear. He responds pretending he understood what was said to him even when he does not. I'm dealing with distance and my own medical issues so I need to find someone to help out, at least for a while, as long as I can convince him to accept the assistance. He uses space heaters in a the few rooms he uses as the whole house heater is not working and he refuses help having it fixed. About the care needs: Someone who is patient and compassionate with a gentle nature. Dad can be gruff and he does not sugar coat his wording. He is very opinionated. He is eccentric and I believe has OCD / autistic tendencies. He needs his routine to be comfortable so someone who can respect that and help him feel like he is keeping his independence but can help him feel comfortable accepting assistance for things that may actually be getting too difficult for him. He has a heart of gold and is very appreciative of kindness but often doesn't seem to understand social norms. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, and light housekeeping.
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