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Hands-on Care Needed For My Father - Needs nightly medication fo...

Full Time $14 – 16/hr Starts 03/16 Lake City, FL
About who needs care: Needs nightly medication for diabetes, sleep, blood pressure, cholesterol, neuropathy. He is home bound, incontinent and wears diapers for men. His balance is poor and he uses a walker in the home. His memory is poor but he still retains capacity when he is fully awake. He wakes several times during the day and night for assistance to go to the bathroom. He is often wet and needs changing, sometimes including his pajama bottoms and shirt. He eats a late lunch bedside and will come out to the kitchen bar to eat dinner on most days. After dinner, he will sit in his lounger in the living room and watch TV for a few hours. He has a serious sweet tooth and likes to eat candy and snacks when awake, although his portions are small. There are days, however, when he prefers not to get out of bed when he says he doesn't feel well. About the care needs: He needs someone who will coddle him - sweet personality and someone who he can have a conversation with him, although he will repeat the same questions numerous times. On the other hand, he needs a caregiver who will not give in to his every demand. For example, he needs to shower at least a couple of times a week, and would prefer not to do it because of the effort it takes for him. Once he is assisted to the shower, he can sit in his shower chair and clean himself and also stand in the shower for short periods of time. He prefers that the caregiver sit outside the bathroom door (which is open) and wait for him to call for assistance getting out of shower and toweling off. This person needs to be very patient. A strong back a must! Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, feeding, and bathing / dressing.

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