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Companion Care Needed For My Loved One In Petaluma

Part Time $20 – 25/hr Starts 01/11 Petaluma, CA
About who needs care: Mike is obese and head injured. He has issues with initiating activity. He uses a walker. He has an ostomy bag. Sometimes he needs assistance with replacing it. He knows each step in the process and can instruct the person helping him.. Mike lives by himself with a dog and cat. He needs help primarily with an exercise program and shopping/preparing food for a healthy diet. Right now he eats processed foods and take-out. His caregiver of 5 years recently died. His primary interests are muscle cars (he loves all the restoration shows) telling stories about his past (with lots of embellishments) tie dye Hallmark movies. Watching TV is his favorite activity. About the care needs: Personality: A good fit would be someone who is patient and has the ability to re-direct the conversation because Mike rambles and does not stop unless the listener gently interrupts. No specialized skills. Ability to cook/bake basic casserole dishes. Ability to go online and find recipes compatible for someone who has had colon removal. Mike knows what he can and cannot eat. Companionship and shared interests (as described in the previous screen) would be helpful. And someone who is interested in helping a 54 y. o. with the emotional maturity of a 15 y. o. participate more in taking care of himself his pets and his home. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, and companionship.
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