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Photo for Light Housekeeping And Mobility Assistance Full-time Support Needed For My Mother

Light Housekeeping And Mobility Assistance Full-time Support Needed For My Mother

Full Time
Seeking care for my mother in her 50's. Services needed: bathing / dressing, mobility assistance, light housekeeping. No prior experience required. Specialized care needs: support for chronic illness. A little more about my mother: she can be lethargic, pleasant, outgoing, independent. She is a sweet lady who had health issues early on. She likes to talk and meet new people but isn't able to anymore since her health issues began. She misses her independence and can be a bit shy at first when asking for help. I'm looking for someone who is patient, chatty, firm, strong, fond of pets. My mom needs someone strong to lift her. She needs help getting into her wheel chair. She also needs someone to encourage her to do her exercises. A year ago when was stronger and did physical therapy. She's stopped and really needs a friendly reminder every now and then. My mom has a hard time with her hearing. She has a hearing aid in her right ear that helps a bit. We need someone with patience because she'll ask you to repeat things multiple times or she will just nod and smile. She also has vision issues and cannot see in the dark. She has type 2 diabetes. During the day she likes to spend time with my stepdad, who needs the support of the caregiver to help with my mom. My stepdad is getting too weak to help her with morning and night routines and to lift her. My mom loves talking to her family members on the phone and going out for car rides. She loves visiting family members but it's hard because they live too far. She also enjoys watching TV with my stepdad.
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