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Heaven Scent Cleaning

907 Christiana Meadows, Bear, DE

My name is Shannon and I became a member of after my mom died in February. I have had 4 jobs since joining, and did well at them all. I still have 2 of the jobs, but I got so many offers that I decided to start a small company where our motto is quality before quantity. The biggest complaint I hear from my clients is that the cleaning companies they have used send 2-3 girls who rush through the house to get to the next house. I truly love to clean, and I like to see the change from dirty to sparkling it is a great feeling. I brought my sister on board, she has experience and I trained her to think about it like I do, no cutting corners but making efficient time, a very thin line (LOL). Our clients have been waiting for us to combine our profiles so they can give us reviews. I met a third girl who is super motivated, has some experience and has been learning the ropes beautifully. Our theory is simple! We work in pairs, but you truly get 2 hours of work in one hour and we guarantee your happiness! We do work jobs alone but we feel better doing it in a pair or splitting the hours so we alternate days. We bring cleaning supplies, rags, a smile and a willingness to get the job done to your complete satisfaction.
I have a separate profile with references just to link with this until we get our reviews and new references on this profile. Our company consists of Shannon, my sister Noel, and my surrogate sister Nicole, and you will be happy you called us. We are professional, honest, negotiable, flexible and we possess excellent work ethic.
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