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Maximum Cleaning Services

8422 Se Clinton St, Portland, OR

My name is Mina and I do housekeeping along with my coworker over 10 years now. We are friendly, reliable and hardworking. We have many happy customers that we clean their houses by weekly weekly or monthly! We provide the supplies and have our own equipment.
We do move in move out cleaning also regular cleanings weekly by weekly or monthly!

These prices are for every other week cleanings!

1 bedroom 1 bath - 140$

2 bed 1 bath - 150$

2 bed 2 bath - 160$

3 bed 1 bath - 160$

3 bed 2 bath - 160$

3 bedroom 2+bath - 170$

4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms - 180$

4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms - 200$

I look forward to hearing from you!

Living space
* Rooms will be edged and vacuumed
* All hardwood floors are washed to your preference.
* All cobwebs are removed.
* All baseboards are cleaned and dusted
* All doors and frames are cleaned and dusted
* Door knobs, phones and light switches are wiped
* Furniture upholstery and underneath is vacuumed
* All tables are cleaned and disinfected
* All surface items are removed and cleaned underneath
* Lamps and fixtures are cleaned and dusted
* Ceiling fans
* Bed(s) are made
* Nightstands are cleaned and dusted
* Dressers are cleaned and dusted
* Fixtures and lamps are cleaned and dusted
* All counters are cleaned and dusted
* All cupboards/cabinets are cleaned (insides done upon request)
* Floors mopped and swept
* Sinks and fixtures are cleaned and dusted
* All kitchen appliances including microwave cleaned, inside and out.
* Toilet(s) are cleaned, inside and out.
* Bathtubs / showers are cleaned
* Sinks and cabinets are cleaned
*Floors are dusted, swept and mopped

Please contact me if you are interested text/call :

Mina Goal

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you
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Coffman's Household Services

12026 S.E. Ash St, Apt 113, Portland, OR

Coffman's Household Services LLC comes in & helps tackle all your troublesome and overwhelming House Cleaning & Decluttering Chores for you.
We've made it our Career, to helping others stay focused on their Life Ambitions and leave the cleaning and decluttering to us.

* Please note because of the Ongoing COVID 19 issues, we will wear a Mask when around Clients.

* Also please allow us 1 Week in advance notice, so we can schedule you into our busy Schedules


We are a "One Time Service
Our Rates are "By The Day". It covers a whole 4-10 Hrs, depending on Services provided.

Our own Equipment & Supplies
And lastly our Labor, depending on what Services are needed.

** Cleaning Services**

Annually-One Time Deep Spring Cleaning Services- Great for Move In/Outs, Residential Special Events & Seasonal Clients

Chore List

* Fully Detailing Baths, Bed, Living, Family, Entertainment, Recreational, Home Office
laundry, Front/Back Entryways, Baseboards & All other Living Areas
* Dusting all Living Areas
* Deep Cleaning all Windows/Sills (Inside Only)
* Wiping out/down all Appliances, Cabinets, Baseboards, Framework, Trim, Walls
* Scrubbing all Counter Tops & Splash Plates
* Catching up on Laundry
* Sweeping, Mopping or Scrubbing Tile/Wood Flooring. This includes Sweeping & Mopping the Floor underneath Furnishings, Etc.
* Vacuuming Carpet/Furniture
* Moving All Major/Small Appliances & getting up underneath them, as well
* Moving all movable Furnishings/Furniture and getting up under those as well
* Fully detailing Cabinets, Drawers
* Putting Items out of Place, where they belong
* Pulling all Trash/Recycling

**Standard House Cleaning **

This Service is mainly to get the Top Surfaces of each Room in the Home, as well as Fully detailing the Bathroom.

Some of these Chores are:

* Dusting
* Flooring
* Detailing Bath
* Wiping down all Surfaces
* Detailing Small Appliances
* Vacuuming Furniture
* Light Tidy up
* Gathering up & taking out the Trash/Recycling.
* Note- Because of Thumbtack's Forum, we will be willing to do Extra Chores that are under our Deep Cleaning List for an Extra already Added Fee, in each Quote.

Also available services include:

*Regular Housekeeping/Maid Services after the 1 st Surface or Deep Cleaning

*Clutter Bug Services

*Closet Clutter Bugs - Pantry, Closets, Shelving
*Storage Clutter Bugs - Storage Units, Spare Bedrooms, Garage
*OCD Clutter Bugs- For Pack Rats or People whom have let stuff go far too long.
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