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Clean and Green LLC.

13504 NE 84th St 103, Vancouver, WA

About America 's Best Cleaning Club:

Clean and Green, LLC is a domestic service vendor of logistical support. We operate the Clean and Green Club. House cleaners and heads of households join the Club to take advantage of the cleaning support that consistently produces superior results.

What We Do and Where We Do It

We specialize in three (3) individual but related sets of chores; housekeeping, home cleaning and household maintenance. We offer full service maid service for residential cleaning and we provide commercial property management services in the Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA area. The Club format is a means of allowing individuals to own a company that they can take pride in operating. We believe entrepreneurship produces the highest quality workmanship.

Our Club is a private cooperative. The members are consumers and service vendors.

Why Do We Operate as a Club?

Operating as a Club allows consumers of cleaning and domestic services to collaborate with service delivery organizations who are committed to eco-friendly and bio-safe objectives; hence the name 'Clean and Green '. Club administration is autonomous. This arrangement facilitates their provision of financial, logistical and educational assistance to those member vendors. The savings from the collaboration makes member vendors' operations more profitable while mitigating cost to consumers. Everyone wins.

What 's the Benefit to YOU, the Consumer?

The service delivery and the administration are united in a competitive offering that jointly presents a superior track record for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly home or office cleaning. Our focus is on eco-friendly, bio-safe residential and commercial cleaning. That effort permits families or companies to more effortlessly engage in ecologically sustainable practices. The end results are:
* Cleaner homes
* Less pollution from household chemicals
* Safer home ecology

What Assurances Can We Offer?

We are all licensed, bonded and insured business organizations.
You may check our references online or contact the local or state authorities to verify our registrations.
We use plant based soaps, detergents, and rinse agents that naturally break down and biodegrade before entering the septic system.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our company has been in operations since 2005 and the parent company to the Club is Clean and Green, LLC, (C&G, LLC) a registered in the State of Washington business. C&G, LLC wholly owns and operates the Club.
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