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Part Time Starts ASAP Brewster, NY
We searching for a dynamic nurse professional that is looking to be apart of a growing company. The role is for director of clinical operations for a multi state company specifically CT, NY and NJ. Responsibilities/Activities Assesses the home environment and determines needs of clients. Records the health needs of the client. Initiates Nursing or Care Aide's Care Plan and/or Homemaker/Companion Service Plan and associated paperwork, in accordance with Agency policy. Evaluates the effects of the care given and regularly re-evaluates the client's nursing needs. Evaluates and revises the Care Plan, as necessary. Makes referrals to other agencies or services as needed. Coordinates the care of all assigned clients. Prepares written instructions for the Care Aide. Supervises the Care Aide in the home. Instruct Care Aides in the proper use of practices, procedures and equipment. Participates in in-service training programs and staff meetings. Serve as liaisons between clients and other health care professionals. Teaches, counsels, and demonstrates skills to clients and their families. Administers medications, monitor clients, and instruct clients on appropriate home care. Provides services based on the physician's orders such as, urinary catheter insertion and care, venipuncture and administration of IV fluids or medications and changing dressings. Initiates appropriate preventive and rehabilitative nursing procedures. Counsels the client and his/her family in meeting nursing and related needs. Acts as the coordinator of the health care team. Provides reports to the client's physician when the client's condition changes or there are deviations from the Care Plan. Prepares clinical and progress notes on relevant and specialized nursing services he/she provides. Maintains a clinical record for each client receiving care. Submits documentation, as per Agency policy. Participates in Clinical Record Reviews. Directs the activities of the Licensed Practical Nurse, if relevant. Complies with Homecare Agency Compliance Plan. Complies with Homecare Agency's Infection Control Policies. Complies with Homecare Agency's HIPAA Policies. Complies with the Homecare Agency dress code. Complies with all state and local regulations and accreditation standards. Works weekends, holidays, and occasional overtime, when requested. Assumes rotational on-call responsibilities for client care during non-office hours. Projects a professional attitude toward self, clients, and other staff members; Follows Agency public relation policies regarding outside speaking and professional affiliations, and clears all related requests with Agency Manager/Administrator. Assumes other duties, as requested by the Agency Manager/Administrator or Governing Board.. Required Working Knowledge Medical issues and nursing procedures. Professional standards and principles. Other health care disciplines and their role in client and family care. Home safety for situations, including physical and psychological dangers, for self, clients, and other Agency staff. Case Management practices. Clerical procedures such as maintaining records and completing forms. English language. Required Skills/Abilities Adheres to practice standards, as they apply to client care. Establishes and maintains harmonious relations with clients/families/co-workers. Makes initial nursing assessment visits. Assesses both physical and psychological needs of clients and applies the appropriate nursing interventions. Initiates, coordinates & revises treatment plans. Evaluates clients' needs continually. Observes and recognizes changes in clients. Gives considerations to client's past experiences, finances and other resources. Render nursing care and perform treatments, such as iv administration, as ordered by the physician Maintain confidentiality of information relating to client. Copes effectively with clients, families and all others with varying backgrounds, socioeconomic conditions, and value judgments. Applies well-developed communication skills. Observes accurately and make decisions accordingly. Honors the wishes of clients Works with a team and is a good team member. Can supervise others. Displays emotional stability and has a sympathetic disposition. Maintains objectivity in coping with the stress of working with acute, chronic and terminally ill clients. Uses cognizant approaches to problem solving in delivering client care. Possesses ingenuity to handle medical and situational emergencies. Works alone without usual support systems immediately available. Deals with abrupt schedule changes. Participates in the quality assurance/quality improvement process. Prepares accurate, timely and orderly reports & documentation. Complies with accepted professional standards and principles. Provides satisfactory references from previous (or current) employers and/or nursing school, and professional peers. Uses excellent observation, good clinical judgment, and good oral and written communication skills. Is self-directed with the ability to work with little supervision; has good organizational skills. Is flexible and cooperative in fulfilling role obligation. Physical & Mental Demands: Must be able to complete all physical & mental demands of the job, which may include, but not be limited to the ability to : lift and transfer clients and carry supplies; stand, walk, use hands and fingers, reach, stoop, kneel, crouch, talk, hear & see; read normal typewritten print; have corrected vision and hearing within normal range; have manual dexterity with normal range of motion of all extremities; has the mental fortitude and stability to handle stress; is physically and mentally able to drive a vehicle. Marketing and Communications It is understood that all managers play a role in marketing. The GCM shall specialize in either area of disease management to direct train and counsel families and staff on that disease. Shall conduct visits of evaluation Shall engage in and create relationships of advice and guidance with business partners Conduct luncheons and educations sessions based upon such topics Actively involved in community outreach Agency point of contact for the area of specialty Brief and Report on goals and outcomes Develop and Implement agency standards and policies.

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