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Hands-on Care Needed For My Mother In Seattle

Full Time
About who needs care: had a stroke left side weak left leg needs to watch for chewing forgot how to swallow an weak on left side an learning how to walk memory this is the stroke going to physical therapy will have other therapy in home coming but we need to focus back to her memory an she is very clean an tidy an old fashion an respect is upmost an clean is she is very independent getting up in the morning she has breakfast an an has her meds then walks an focus on her PT with doing exercise to focus on chewing exercise an going over the days an years an her memory etc. an talking about things walking to strengthen herself along with her left wrist exercises she takes frequent naps an help her to the bathroom an watch her while she sleeps n chores washing the dishes an or light meal preparations vacuum an bp an checking her vitals through out the day to be sure she is ok an monitor any changes for secure an ensure safety an helping in an out of bed or safety in the bed an showering an helping when she is ready to go to the dr's an or anywhere else that is needed as well as when she is able to start to do other as she progresses. About the care needs: very happy light excellent listening skills over 30 minimum 5 years or more experience in stroke victims is a must. If you a familiar with how old fashion are then that is a great plus as she is :) or if you speak Japanese is even better too. things are important to her an she's all about knowledge she is very smart wisdom is key very alert we are only seeking a someone with excellent reference an we will of course need several references an your qualifications must meet the criteria is a must Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, feeding, and bathing / dressing. Preference for a caregiver who is female.

Medication Prompting And Light Housekeeping Part-time Support Needed For My Father In Seattle, WA.

Part Time
Seeking care for my father in his 80s. Services needed: bathing / dressing, meal preparation, medication prompting, help staying physically active, mobility assistance, light housekeeping, errands / shopping. Looking for someone with 5+ years of experience caring for seniors. Specialized care needs: CPR/first aid training. A little more about my father: he can be anxious, lethargic. Dad has dialysis 4 days a week. Mom needs assistance getting him up, bathed, breakfast and meds for him so she can take him to dialysis. He sleeps in his bed, sits in a lift chair and walks with a walker. He needs assistance from sit to stand. He probably weighs around 200 lbs, and doesn't have much body muscle strength anymore. He does not have a problem with getting help, it's my mom who is being stubborn because she thinks she should be able to take care of him by herself forever. I'm looking for someone who is patient, chatty. Neither mom nor dad has ever had anyone help them in their home. Except for some PT after knee replacement. Someone who is kind, patient, friendly and open to conversation would be a good personality fit. Also, ideal person would be confident about their skills so my mom isn't worried he/she is caring for my dad well. There are 5 adult kids in our family. One son lives with 2 miles, and has been extremely helpful and is usually available. 1 brother lives in Wenatchee, so is rarely around. 1 sister in Issaquah and 1 sister in Kent. They try to be available, but with full time jobs and traffic there, it is hard to be around during the week. Finally, I am the youngest daughter. I live in Virginia. I am a Long term care Ombudsman and work with residents in nursing homes every day. I am familiar with personal care aids and feel very strongly that he would benefit from the services of a CNA at home. So I am reaching out to Care. com to see what services are available in the area for him.