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Covenant Youth Enrichment Service Childcare

124 S. 29th Street, (Penbrook Area), Harrisburg, PA

Costimate: $137/wk

Covenant Youth Enrichment Services Daycare (CYES) provides 24-HOUR CARE to children ages 1-13 years - full, part-time, after school care.

CYES Childcare is a safe, nurturing environment where your child will get the attention and care that he or she needs. We are licensed in the state of Pennsylvania as a group daycare facility and have met or exceeded all health and safety guidelines.

Our Executive Director, Juanita Doucoure, Ph.D. (ABD) has over 25 years experience in the field of individual, group and family therapy, behavior modification, and autism spectrum disorder.

Our ratio of children to adults is always within state guidelines, and often even lower. You can rest assure that your child will be cared for with the utmost kindness, love and respect. We believe each child is a precious gift and we treat them as though they were our own.

CYES prides itself on keeping you informed of your child's educational, social, emotional, and physical welfare, assuring a partnership approach to your child's growth and development.

Call us for a site visit of our facility, CYES--where love abounds.

Meals & Snacks - A variety of nutritious foods are provided each day that meets the guidelines of the Federal Government Food Program. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and a morning, afternoon and evening snack. Please let us know if your child has any allergies or special food requirements.

Naps - When kids play hard, they need a comfortable, quiet place to nap! Babies and young toddlers will sleep in a quiet bedroom in cozy cribs. Children ages 2-5 will rest on thick mats that we provide. Blankets, sheets, pillows and stuffed animals from home are always welcome to help the children relax and feel comfortable and secure.

Activities - Your child will be involved in developmentally-appropriate activities throughout the day. Children will enjoy the playground-like atmosphere of our fenced-in backyard. It is filled with infant and toddler tricycles, climbing toys, basketball hoop, balls, jump ropes and many other seasonal toys.

Weekly activities include:

* Story Time
* Show & Tell
* Puzzles and Games
* Computer Time
* Arts & Crafts
* Music
* Pre-Reading Activities
* And much more...

Field Trips - We help your children learn about the world around them by taking them on a variety of field trips throughout the year. They are always full of fun and excitement!

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Mother's Helper's Photo

Mother's Helper

1001 Rupley Road, Apt. 301, Camp Hill, PA

Starting at $10/hr

Hi! I'm Michelle and here's a little bit about me.

I provide care for children in my home!

I love babies and have a lot of experience in child care. I have previous daycare experience as well. I specialize in working with and caring for infants and toddlers. I believe in nurturing children, and giving them a sense of accomplishments as they develop and take on new challenges in their little world. Yes...even infants. :)

I am an extension of what a mother would do and how she would care for her infant/toddler. INFANTS...When a baby is born, they come into the world with expectations that need to be fulfilled by the parent and those who care for the little ones. This actually aids in their proper growth and development. That is why my role is very important to your family because once you bring your infant/toddler to me in the morning, I continue to give loving care with hugs, and kisses throughout the day, gentle rocking if needed and much attention to keep them warm and comfortable. For nap time, I create an atmosphere that allows them to sleep peacefully. couch potato here! We play, sing songs, do age appropriate learning activities and we get fresh air and sometimes go on field trips to age appropriate places. They have a great time!

If you are looking for a warm childcare environment vs. a commercial environment... you and your children will love it here! I offer a very clean and safe place for your little ones to grow and explore as they grow and explore. :) It is bright and spacious for play and I have darkening curtains for nap time!

An added bonus is for 9 years, I had my own commercial and residential cleaning business so I take very good care of my home and maintain a clean, non cluttered, environment for the children!

The families whose children I care for are my biggest fans. Babies and toddlers just adore me! (Not bragging, I just have a way with the little people!)

So if you want great care for you child/children, please consider contacting me....Mother's Helper!
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