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Solano Family Daycare's Photo

Solano Family Daycare

5572 N. Earle St., San Gabriel, CA

Starting at $300/wk

Education should feed curiosity. Don't you agree?

Our goal has always been to gear children toward independence. In the process, our extended family has continued to grow for over a decade!

Our licensed family home day care offers a program loosely based on Montessori education in a safe, clean, loving home environment. We seek to cultivate every child's natural gifts and multiple intelligence individually, and to balance instruction with natural discovery so that learning becomes intrinsically rewarding.

We feel a home daycare is the perfect transition between the safety of home and a structured school program. We use ABCs, colors, numbers, shapes, months, seasons, planets, states on a daily basis to develop children's intellect. We use free play, puzzles, pretend play, and dress up to develop their imagination. We use outdoor play to develop their bodies, coordination, large muscle motor skills. We use arts & crafts to develop their hand and eye coordination, their small motor skills, and to fuel their creativity. We also use Montessori tools to drive children's understanding to a deeper level and slowly build skills that raise confidence and leadership.

Our loose schedule allows for watching butterflies & rainbows:
8 am Open
8:15 - 8:45 Music & Movement
8:45 - 9:15 Breakfast
9:15 - 9:30 Clean up
9:30 - 9:45 Diapers & Jackets
9:45 - 12 Free play (Supervised activity every 30-45 minutes)
10:45 - 11 Snack
12:15 -12:45 Clean up/Set up for Lunch
12:45 -1:30 Lunch
1:15 -1:30 Clean up
1:30 - 2 Activity
2 - 4 Nap/Quiet Time
4 - 4:30 Clean up/Get Ready
4:30 - 6 Pick up (Freeplay)

All cleaning products used are natural and non-toxic. We don't use anything with harsh chemicals in the home. We go above and beyond our affiliate state food program's mandate. Our nutrition is focused on natural, nutrient dense, whole foods. We go to Farmer's Markets on weekends and buy organic whenever possible, and focus on providing minimally processed meals. We often make our own organic baby food.

The Director by trade is a Brand Identity Visual Artist, also a student of Conscious Parenting, under the renowned Best selling author Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and a Holistic Health Strategist holding several certifications. All staff are background checked and certified in CPR & Positive Discipline. We also host separate Art, Craft & Cooking classes including older children on weekends and weeknights.
Su - Ly Family Child Care's Photo

Su - Ly Family Child Care

311 N. Electric Ave Apt A, Alhambra, CA

Starting at $240/wk

Su-Ly Family Child Care provides a loving and caring child care experience for your little ones. Come and explore with Ms. Ling and Ms. Crystal.
We are located in Alhambra, CA by Main St. and Electric Ave.
AGE SERVED: 3 months to 6 years
HOURS OF OPERATION: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Monday through Friday. Extended child care is available from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM for an additional fee.
PHILOSOPHY: The program practices at the Su-Ly Family Child Care are based on the belief that families play an important role to a successful learning environment for children, how children learn, and how they should be treated. Central to our philosophy is our view of children as curious, competent and capable learners who are active participants in constructing their knowledge of the world. We believe that each child is unique and deserves respect, consistency, caring, and challenges as they grow.
CURRICULUM: Su-Ly Family Child Care provides a nurturing environment that supports the developing child, emphasizes positive self-esteem, and teaches respect for individual differences. The program offers opportunities for active play, individual choice, and group activities that help children to develop feelings of competency and independence in a child-centered environment. Being part of a shared community is actively encouraged. We will emphasize cooperation and create small groups activities for the children to problem solve and work together.
MISSION STATEMENT: At Su-Ly Family Child Care, our mission is to provide child care that meets the needs for each child and family in a safe, educational environment. We strive to focus on the individual needs of each child while providing quality, reliable and safe child care.
Our goals are:
-To provide affordable and high quality child care services.
-To create a family home child care setting for social, cognitive, and physical development.
-To provide a nurturing environment.
-To provide a learning experiences for our children.
-To provide a family child care preschool setting, readying children for lifelong learning.
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