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Photo for Living In Wooster, But Looking For Care In Kent = Dependable & Active Babysitter/Mother's Helper

Living In Wooster, But Looking For Care In Kent = Dependable & Active Babysitter/Mother's Helper

Full Time
Seeking a regular date-night sitter/babysitter near Kent for 2 children in my parents' home.. Meal Preparation: Both kids are lactose-intolerant, but light lactose foods (cheddar, cream cheese, butter, light sour cream, etc.) are fine! No processed cheese (Velveeta!!). We're also frequent snackers, but are trying to cut down on junk food and sugars. Comfortable With Pets: There is one friendly Siamese cat. She is indoor/outdoor. Light Housekeeping: Sweep/wipe/clean up after kid-related messes. Try to keep toys out of the footpath. Dishes in/out of the dishwasher. Kid laundry if needed. Some meal prep (primarily for kids, but would be appreciated if you could cook for hungry grandparents too?) Schedule Details: I am a SAHM. We own several rental properties in Wooster and in Akron, so their dad is in and out of the house but almost always nearby. We're looking for care mostly for date nights or planned kid-free activities (or when Mom needs a break). We live in Wooster but frequently travel to Kent to visit family. My parents live just off of campus in Kent. My stepmother has some health issues and has a hard time getting up and running around with the kids. Grandpa works as a self-employed architect that enjoys his alone time. Both enjoy being around the kids, but are not used to having them around all the time and their house is not totally childproof. There are toys and places for the kids to play throughout the house, but an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands will be needed while we go for a grownup movie or an evening out on the town. C will be 5yrs old in July, S turns 2yrs old in Sept. Both kids are very mobile and like to climb, jump, dance, and be active! Need somebody able to keep up and who enjoys pretend play and the outdoors! We encourage our kids to get outside (weather providing) and semi-entertain themselves. We have a front yard to play in and also a large backyard/field and patio area to play in when the house gets boring! You can also walk/drive to any of the local parks! We do not have a library card, but if you do, great! We love to read books and do science/cooking projects when stuck inside! Independence (with limits) and manners/respect are very important! Our daughter is currently in school (brother will join her next August) and we LOVE their teaching principles! Please, no extra children. Also, we are not especially religious, so if you are, and can agree to disagree, we should get along great!