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Mobility Assistance And Feeding Support Needed For My Father In Dedham, MA.

One Time
Seeking care for my father in his 60s. Services needed: feeding, mobility assistance. No prior experience required. Specialized care needs: support for chronic illness, nursing experience. A little more about my father: he can be lethargic, outgoing. My Father in law, Darrell was diagnosed 4 months ago with stage 4 renal cancer and over the course of that time has lost almost all of his mobility. The cancer has unfortunately also spread to his bones and lungs which can cause him significant pain if not managed with drugs. Due to his lack of mobility he needs assistance doing most tasks, including going to the restroom and managing his bed sore. My wife and mother in law currently care for him on a daily basis and would be looking for respite care on most, if not all occasions. I'm looking for someone who is patient, strong. The ideal care giver will have nursing experience dealing with wound care and administering drugs to patients. They will also be patient and willing to hear the same story a time or two. Additionally, they will be willing to assist with helping him go to the bathroom if needed and be strong enough to help him on and off of the bed pan. My father in law enjoys watching television shows about cooking and flipping houses as well as anything science fiction. He is a former skeet shooter and avid hunter. He loves dogs, especially hunting dogs and originally comes from western Canada where he grew up on a farm for most of his life. He would be looking for someone to sit and watch TV with and talk to pass the time, helping him when necessary.