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America’s Child Care Cliff: How to prepare for a nationwide crisis that may affect your workforce

As of September 30th, more than 70,000 daycare providers abruptly lost funding from the federal government put in place during the pandemic to help them stay afloat. Known as the child care cliff, this sudden loss in funding may result in those daycares having to close their doors, potentially leaving 3.2 million children without care.
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The Elder Care Gap: A discussion with Employee Benefit News and senior care experts

For the first time in our research, employers would choose an investment in senior care benefits over all other types of care benefits.

Have you considered the impact these caregiving gaps have on your employee productivity and talent retention rates?
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Changes to Employee Benefits in an Uncertain Economy:  A Look Into New Research

According to our research, an astounding 47% of HR leaders plan to cut benefits moving through 2023. A further 95% plan to recalibrate benefits offerings. What are they planning to cut? What are they planning to keep? What are they adding? And where do care benefits fit into the big picture?
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Intro to Care Benefits: Why supporting your working parents is good for business

Watch as the Care for Business team to learn how family care benefits are solving for productivity losses and improving retention rates, and to catch a sneak peak at the Care platform with a demo from our Director of Product Management.

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Watch leading experts, Julia Beck, Nyla Beth Gawel, and Rachel Steinebrey discuss how your organization can be prepared to not only meet new mandates, but go above and beyond to create an inclusive workplace for breastfeeding mothers.
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Understanding the Childcare Requirements for the CHIPS and Science Act

In response to the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act passed by Congress, employers in the semiconductor manufacturing industry need to submit plans to provide childcare to facility and construction workers to meet the minimum requirements for direct funding.
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It’s Getting Personal: The Child Care Crisis Is Crushing Your Employees’ Wallets and Productivity

Nearly 73 of your workers are primary caregivers. That means your employees are facing a caregiver shortage and skyrocketing costs at home that directly impact their productivity and retention at work. In the state of our economy, every dollar counts for employers and your workforce.
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Start the New Year Strong: Why family care benefits are your best defense against turnover and productivity loss in 2023

Watch as benefit experts, Lou Ann Hutchison from Grant Thornton, and Stephanie Manzelli from discuss employee satisfaction, employer brand, designing an inclusive benefits strategy, and how to advocate for investments in family care resources as a critical tool.

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The Elder Care Gap: Why your employees’ senior care needs are a business problem worth solving

Watch senior care experts discuss why HR and business leaders are prioritizing senior care support as their leading benefit this year. Learn the impact of senior care gaps on employees and your business, why elder care is fundamentally different from childcare needs, and more.

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