Intro to Care Benefits

Watch as the Care for Business team to learn how family care benefits are solving for productivity losses and improving retention rates, and to catch a sneak peak at the Care platform with a demo from our Director of Product Management.

Intro to Care Benefits: Why supporting your working parents is good for business


73% of the American workforce currently cares for a loved one at home. The different generations supporting your company are tasked with the responsibility of caring for a child at home, a senior loved one, and even their pets.

Have you considered what the current caregiving landscape looks like for your employees, and the direct impact employer support has on productivity, retention, and your bottom line?

Watch as our Care experts discuss:

  • The current need for family care benefits in an economic downturn
  • What family care benefits are and how they support your employees
  • How these benefits have a direct impact on employee retention, productivity, and employer brand

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Greg Straub, Sr. Director Sales, Care for Business
Jess Marble, Director, Growth, Care for Business
Molly Swanson, Director, Product Management, Care for Business
Maria Gay, Field Marketing, Care for Business