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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2002
Total Employees: 1
Awards & Accreditations
- Recognition from parents being grateful for the preparation of their kids ready to go to school with a good foundation and prepared beyond the Government regulations. I usually try to use every single skill the baby shows during infancy. In view that I do not take many children, my dedication to my small group is very personal trying to obtain the best of their capabilities.


State license status: Licensed ( verified on 5/29/2022)
This business has satisfied California's requirements to be licensed. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on California's licensing website.
Licensing requirements typically include:
  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements


Monday :
8:30AM - 5:00PM
Tuesday :
8:30AM - 5:00PM
Wednesday :
8:30AM - 5:00PM
Thursday :
8:30AM - 5:00PM
Friday :
8:30AM - 5:00PM
Saturday :
Sunday :

Program Details

Child Care Center/Day Care Center
Developmental (Play-Based)
Program Capacity:

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Infant $ 350 per week 2
Toddler $ 350 per week 2
*availability last updated on 06/24/2022
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Half-Day (Morning)
  • Personal Check|
  • Cash

Ratings & Reviews

( 18)
Benjamin P
Stella has been a savior for my family. It is tough to find someone to care for a 3 month old, let alone one right in my backyard. Stella has reasonable rates and has remained open the entire pandemic to help my family out who works as an essential worker. My son has been there now for 7 months and has grown so much in her care. She has provided any food we wanted, including breast milk, and even offered her own nutritional twist on his lunch. Her space is nurturing and of great size. Backyard grass and yard is spacious and lush. My son is always in a great mood when I pick him up and is so excited when we drop him off. They vibe so well together. Cannot recommend her care enough.
Kai Y
My daughter has been with Stella since Jun2019, she has a clean, safe environment with lots of toys for the kids, and takes good care of my daughter. Stella is dependable and I feel at ease at work when my daughter is at her daycare. My daughter was very stubborn and had a very hard time being not used to starting daycare initially but soon grew to eat, nap, and play very well there. And she looks forward to be dropped off in the morning, sometimes even without saying bye to Mama!
Ben S
Stella has always been good to my son and I. Stella is a professional who takes pride in her work. Our son was bit at her daycare and she immediately had the misbehaving child expelled. My son will even come home knowing new words and numbers. I'm glad I found such a caring devoted professional.
Dina P
AWFUL!! My son spent 5 days there, and I could not get him out fast enough. She was extremely rude and cold to myself, my husband and my 15-month-old son. On day 1 she sent him home with poop on his onesie and poop residue on his butt from an earlier diaper. On day 3 she claims my boy bit another little boy, even though she was not in the room and didn't see it happen! On day 5, I picked up my son early and found that she had him in a tiny (maybe 2.5' x 4') fenced off area in the playroom right next to the other kids playing together...AND he was sitting in a pool of his own vomit! She then took him to the unpadded changing table to wipe up his shirt, and she flops him down on the hard surface. I was on the brink of tears and could not get him out of there fast enough. We didn't have any other care lined up because everywhere in the area was full, but I swore I would never put my son through another day in her "care".
Luckily another daycare provider I had spoken to earlier that day was available to meet us that night and my son started the next day. My son is absolutely THRIVING at the new daycare! Such a drastic comparison to how awful Stella was.
Reply from Stella's Day Care
Hi Dina: So sorry I had to let you go because you weren't enough honest with me since the very beginning, your child was 1 year and a half and he didn't walk and he was very violent to my other children, biting one of them on his cheek very badly, I couldn't put them at risk, your baby even grabbed my leg and started biting me. So sorry you have written so many things that are not lining up with the real events. Everyone who has worked with me knows my integrity and responsability that I have for my children under my care.
Jose S
I would highly recommend Stella's Day Care to any family searching for quality child care for your child. Ms. Stella has been taking care of our daughter for 4+ years and our experience has been great. My daughter has thrived academically and personally while under her care. She has developed meaningful relationships with Ms. Stella and the other children. My daughter will be attending school next fall and we truly feel that Ms. Stella has prepared and provided her with the foundation for success at the next level. So, we will definitely miss Ms. Stella and her great care and investment in our child. Ms. Stella, you will be missed!
Carolyne G
I cannot say enough good things about Stella. We started taking our son to her daycare at 16 weeks, and she is a wonderful caregiver, it is like having a member of our own family care for him. She has a very clean and safe environment and is an extremely experienced caregiver who knows a lot about babies and children. In fact, as new parents, my husband and I both feel we have learned a lot from her, which has been very helpful and reassuring! What I love most about Stella's though is the close attention she gives each of the children -- she adores my son and the other kids, and you can really tell because they all are very happy in her care yet also very well behaved and respectful of each other. She clearly teaches them good values. She even turned down another family with a baby when my son was very young because she wanted to make sure she gave my son enough attention. I really appreciated that because she didn't have to, and it showed me this isn't just a business for her, she feels personally invested in making sure that she helps raise the kids in her care properly. I know selecting a daycare is extremely nerve wracking for new parents, but we feel so lucky that we found Stella.
Chi T
Stella's daycare is dependable and safe. Stella took care of our daughter for about 4 months. We found a daycare closer to our home so we no longer need Stella's services.
Serena W
Worst attitude talking to potential new clients ever. She was rude and condescending. Agreed on meeting at her place, she doesn't even apologize when she cannot show me around. Never going back. If she treated a potential new customer like this, I wouldn't even want to take a chance meeting with her and enrolling my daughter.
Reply from Stella's Day Care
I don't know were your opinion comes from. I don't even know you. I have never been rude to you or anyone else.
A. P
Stella has a great understanding of what kids need to grow, learn and thrive. She was completely dedicated to caring for the children in her care while we were there. She loves these kids and cares for them as if they were members of her own family. We were so thankful for her!
Angela P
Stella has cared for my two boys for about 1 1/2 years, my boys are 2 and 4. Stella provides a very clean, caring environment. I never doubt that the boys are having healthy meals and are safe. They are comfortable with her and enjoy going to daycare.
Eli G
My son has spent 3 wonderful years in Stella's care. She runs a very clean, safe, & well equipped day care.

The level of care Stella provides is unsurpassed. She loves, protects, & cares for my son, as well as, all of the the children in her day care as if they are her own..
She actively participates in the personal development of each child in her care.
Keeping them engaged with activity throughout the day, spending time to teach the core basics like letters, numbers, words, shapes, colors, and above all else manners.
She keeps a balanced schedule including learning, play, rest & healthy snacks and lunch.
I am so very grateful that i have found Stella. The only better care than Stella would be for me to quit my job and care for him myself, and in this difficult world, financially that is not an option for me. Stella saves my life and keeps what hold most precious safe.
Jaedin P
Stella's Day Care is easily the cleanest and most well equipped day care center that I seen in my search for child care . Stella has cared for both of my babies ages 3 months and 2 years old. Since their time with her, I have finally been able to establish a schedule for my 3 month old and my 2 year old has learned much of the alphabet, many shapes, colors, and many new words and phrases. She has also been a great help in establishing manners, healthier snack habits and beginning the potty training process. As a new parent, I was terrified to leave my children with anyone but with Stella I feel fully confident. Both of my children love her so much they usually don't even want to leave. Stella is also a great resource as it pertains to childhood development and has been a fantastic resource for many of our questions and always has an effective solution for whatever phases my babies seem to go through. She is so loving and sweet with the babies but also provides a lot of educational time in a clean, structured environment. Stella's Day Care has been extremely reliable as well and I would recommend her care to absolutely anyone. Our family feels so blessed to have found her!
Barika S
My daughter has been with Stella almost 2 years. I am more than pleased with the care and love that she receives while she is in her care. My daughter looks forward to going to daycare everyday, and that is truely a blessing! Taking my daughter to Stella's is like taking her to her grandmother's house. Her daycare is set up for children, its safe and clean. I dont worry about her when she is there beacuse it is like a home away from home for her. I couldn't ask for a better place to take my daughter!
Vanessa G
Stella cared for our daughter from the time she was an infant to when it was time for her to head off to school. Stella runs a very clean and safe day care. She is a very responsible and caring child care provider. She makes the children nutritious meals and structures their day so they have time to rest and play. Stella helped us teach our daughter about manners. She also focuses on teaching the kids their letters, numbers, colors, etc. We were very lucky to have Stella to take care of our daughter. We are very grateful for everything that she did for our family.
Alain P
We've now been with Stella for over 10 consecutive years! Our youngest of three children just turned 4 years old, and he looks forward to going to "Miss Stella's" every day. All of our children, including our oldest who is now 11, thrived in the stable, loving, and nurturing environment that Stella provides. Even after our children moved on to pre-school and elementary school, Stella remained engaged and interested in their lives and accomplishments.

I am more than happy to give you a balanced review so that you can judge for yourself if Stella's Day Care is the right place for your child. And believe me when I say we are not complacent on where we place our children. We have changed schools when we felt the fit was not right for our child. I can honestly say that there has never been a day over the last 10+ years where we've considered leaving this daycare. We even moved about 5 years ago and now drive a farther distance to get there each morning and night - but it's worth it. We're busy parents with two jobs, but we go out of our way to stay with Stella. Do your research, and please contact us if you have questions.
Reply from Stella's Day Care
Thank you so much Alain for all of your words. I have enjoyed all of your kids as Jennifer and you as parents. Was my pleasure to have all of your kids with me.. I have learned from them very much because of their high IQ in each of them.. Happy to have helped.
Our month long experience with Stella taking care of our 17-month-old son was terribly Disappointing and painful. Upon reflection I now deeply regret letting my son be in her care for so long. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and I know we thought that he would be safe and cared for with her, but that was not our experience.
She does provide a clean environment with tons of toys, and Stella herself presented as someone who appeared very organized and had an extensive history working with children and had some wonderful reviews. I have seen a few other children in her care and it appeared that she was taking care of them. However, for some reason my experience was that she targeted my son and I
There is not room for me to go into all the detail I would like to. I have called Community Care Licensing and asked them if my concerns were valid enough to file a complaint and the man I spoke with agreed that they would look into it. I know Stella has been in business for years and that some have had good experiences with her but it turned into a nightmare for my family. In the interest of space I will just bullet point some of the main issues.
*My son developed a terrible diaper rash Monday-Friday while in her care. It would clear up over the weekends. We thought that it might be caused by the food she gave him, but when we pulled him from her care she returned A lot of diapers to us, more than we expected to get back, indicating that she may not have changed his diapers much during the day.
* I had a suspension that she did not check on the children much during the nap time of 1-3pm.
I had this fear because she repeatedly stated that no parents are welcome to visit or disrupt her from the hours of 1 to 3 unless it was an absolute emergency. Then there was a situation that confirmed my suspicion was warranted. One day when my husband went to pick our son up at 4:30 He was greeted by Stella looking very upset and distressed and complaining how our son had ruined her playpen and ruined her wall by smearing Vaseline all over the room while he should have been napping.
There was absolutely no apology or any indication of concern that are 17-month-old had been left within arm s reach of a canister of Vaseline and had been playing with it unattended for several hours... We have no idea how much the Vaseline he consumed and worst of all it could have been the something more toxic.
* The finale indication that my son was not thriving in her care was that after close to a month of looking after my son she asked me if my son was deaf. Let me take a moment to say I have an incredible verbal talkative and engaged boy. His fist words (right after Da Da) were Up, Down at 10months of age. At 17months he often puts together three-four word sentences i.e wow, look at that! After talking about it my husband I realized we had observed that our son was shutting down while under her care and that we had to pull him out. We thought we could give her two weeks notice but when I did things just went from bad to worst she started pointing to my son and calling him disobedient, poorly behaved and she didn t want him with her and has already found another child to fill his spot in a few weeks. She then turned her attack onto me saying that there is something wrong with me that I was unprofessional, and didn t want to hear the truth about my son
I could hardly talk, I was so badly shaken. I kept asking her to stop that I couldn t do this now, in front of my son and I was supposed to be on my way to work but she kept on saying over and over there is really something wrong with you
I called my husband in tears, we determined we couldn t leave our son with someone like her. He immediately left work and went to pick him up. While he was collecting our son and our belongings she said over and over again how awful I was and how terrible our son is...
She refused to give us our two week deposit back. She kept saying that it was in the contract. My husband pointed out the contract was null and void as she did not provide a safe nurturing environment for our son. I had a new job and couldn t take time off of work , but we suddenly found ourselves without any day care. Fortunately my mother was able to take a week off of work. I don t know what we would have done otherwise. One thing is for sure we couldn t let our son be with her any further. As of today, she has kept our money even though she did not provide any services for us the last two weeks. I guess I would close this rather lengthy review with the statement you have other options and while she has some children she takes care of well enough, it is not worth the risk
Marie W
The cleanest daycare in Hayward! Stella cared for my son for 2 yrs and I can only say good things about her. She really cares about the kids and the environment in her daycare. She enjoys the kids and they enjoy her, themselves and each other. She potty trains and teaches numbers and letters and only shows educational videos at lunch time. She also helps them grow good dental habits. She puts special emphasis on their nutrition, vocabulary, manners and camaraderie. Highly recommend her!
Jennifer P
Stella has cared for all three of our children from birth until they went off to pre-school. We've been with her for the last 8 years - our youngest is there now. My husband and I both work and it gives us great peace of mind to know our child is safe and loved. And learning! It's quite amazing how much she's been able to teach our kids (more than we could have ever done). The older two were well-prepared for school, and the youngest comes home with new words and skills every day. Stella is great, and I can't recommend her enough.
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