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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Sibling discount offered.
In business since: 2009
Total Employees: 1

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Monday :
6:00AM - 12:00AM
Tuesday :
6:00AM - 12:00AM
Wednesday :
6:00AM - 12:00AM
Thursday :
6:00AM - 12:00AM
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6:00AM - 12:00AM
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Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
All Ages $ 150 per week 3
*availability last updated on 12/27/2017
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Half-Day (Morning)
Half-Day (Afternoon)
Extended Care (Before School)
Extended Care (After School)

Ratings & Reviews

( 29)
Sara J
Maelean and her team are amazing loving people and I am so grateful for them. Unfortunately we will leaving due to circumstances not related to the daycares quality of care but due to life changing events . The girls will miss you so much MaeMae!
Aimee R
Our daughter, now 2, has been going to Ms. Maeleane's since was 3 months old. She loves going and playing with the other kids and loves seeing Maeleane every morning. She has learned so much and comes home knowing new things each week!
Michelle H
Passion's Home Daycare is full of love and warmth. Ms. Maelean and her team provide a safe and comforting environment. My daughter loves being there with the other kids and has learned a lot of great social and academic lessons. Your child will be in good hands with this daycare.
Chondra B
Let me start off by saying Ms Maelean is wonderful! Peace of mind is golden and so is the team at Passion's Home Daycare. Ms. Maelean and her team are professional, positive and most importantly LOVING. It is going on 3 years since my daughter has been under her care and she has come home with a smile every day.
Tamasha S
Working with Ms. Maelean has been amazing!! We now consider her family! Very clean home, professional, and caring. My family and I love her!
We have been taking our two year old to Passion's Home Daycare since September. We recently had another child and are now taking both kids during the day. There is a good age range of children here and we feel that our kids are well cared for. Our daughter often sings songs on the way home and shares what she learned during the day. Highly recommended.
Mindy M
Our two-year-old daughter attends Passion's Home Daycare and she loves it! She is learning new things every day and loves to tell us about the activities they do and all the fun she has with her friends. Miss Maelean provides a structured loving environment for kids of all ages. We highly recommend this daycare!
My son has been attending Passion's home day care for about 4 months now. The atmosphere is always welcoming and upbeat. He looks forward to going to daycare each morning. Miss Maelean and staff are all wondeful and caring. Since my son has been there his vocabulary has blossomed, he has learned to count to 10, and they are helping him become a well mannered lil boy. The day is well structured which includes school time, story time, mealtimes, naptime and play time. The staff also does various crafts with the children regularly, it is one of my sons favorite thing to do. I would highly recommend passion's home daycare to anyone looking for a fun and loving environment for their children
Shauntia F
My 2 year old daughter has been attending Passion's Home Daycare since March and I have never felt more comfort in knowing that my daughter is in the best care with Miss Maelean and her staff. Every morning my daughter looks forward to going to Miss Maelean's and every evening she talks my ear off all the way home about what an awesome time she had with her friends, what she learned, and how much she loves it there! My daughter has begun speaking much clearer and she is now counting over 10 and I know that is due to the social and educational skills she is getting while at Passion's Daycare. I have dropped off and picked my child up during different times of the day and I have never heard any loud music so I was shocked to see the previous, tarnishing reviews I have read. The neighborhood is quiet and the neighbors are very friendly and Miss Maelean would never cause a disturbance and be inconsiderate to her neighbors, that's just not the person she is. Bottom line, my daughter loves it here, she is well taken care of, and she is learning at a rapid rate for a 2 year old! Miss Maelean is a wonderful woman, mother, and child care provider and an overall amazing human being and my daughter and I am Blessed to have found her! Thank you Passion's Daycare for being the best!
Tammy C
I have been taking my boys to Passion's Home Daycare for almost 2 years now and I couldn't be happier. This place is amazing! My one son is borderline autistic and strives on structure and routine. Miss Maelean's daycare provides reading, writing, crafts, etc in a classroom setting and many social activities that help my boys learn how to interact with others in a positive way. I love that she sends me pics during the day, sharing what they are learning. My son brings home projects that he's very proud of and he can't wait to hang on the fridge! During the summer months she'll rent the moon jump for a day, take the kids to the park, and she has a fenced in yard with different swing sets and toys the kids can play with/on. Maelean is more than just my boys' caregiver, she's a family friend and she treats my boys as if they were her own.
Donna B
I can't believe all these positive reviews. There is no way the kids are having any instructional time, or nap time for that matter, since there is constantly loud music playing during the day.
Barb S
I was considering this for my children when I drove by and heard the loud music I knew it was not the place for my kids.
Edith J
I highly recommend Passion's Home Dayvare. Miss Maelean provided a caring, safe and fun environment for my son and daugther. They both enjoy their time there
And always excited each morning to attend Passion's Home Daycare.
Jackie B
My children have been attending Passions Home Daycare for over 5 years. Miss Maelean offers a daycare for children that is warm, friendly, and has a homelike environment. It is more than a daycare it has been a second home for my kids. There is daily structure, arts/crafts, outdoor play, and field trips. Home cooked healthy meals and snacks. My children never want to leave. They are so excited to go and have so much fun. It isn't easy working full-time and sending my precious children to daycare, but having Passion Home Daycare as the place they go every day certainly sets my mind more at ease. Maelean I am so grateful for you.
Kristen O
My three kids have been going to Passion's Home Daycare for the past year. Maelean is extremely patient and loving with all of the children in her care. My kids have developed close relationships with her and all of the assistants that work with her. She has been very flexible with my ever changing work schedule which has been a life save. She also plans get togethers for the families such as bbqs and game nights which further strengthens the bonds between both the kids that attend daycare and between the families that send their children there, which is amazing. I would not consider sending my children anywhere else and would highly recommend her to anyone!
Passion's is great. My kids love it there and have made a lot of friends. Maelean cooks there meals and treats the kids like family. They have class and they have a blast when it's warm out. This was my daughters first daycare and she adjusted fast. My son still talks about the petting zoo she brought to her home. I'd definitely recommend passion's for a friendly safe environment for the children.
Sennetria W
We love Passions Home Daycare!!! Maelean is wonderful with my 1 & 4 year old. Maelean is very experienced, professional but down to earth, caring and loving. I am so thankful and blessed to have her caring for my girls. Check her out you won't be disappointed!
Marcia M
Love Passion's Home Daycare and Ms. Maelean! She has cared for my son from 6 months old to Kindergarten, he loves her, she will always be his Ween :) I could not tell you how much love she has for the children she cares for. You would be making a great choice to chose her. Plus her rates are best around and she is always flexible and communicates with the parents and finds fun things for the kids to do.
Griselda H
My 2 year old son started attending Passion's Home Daycare January 2015 and I can tell you that in the 3 months that he's been there, we both love it! I was initially worried that it would take him a while to adjust since he was with his last daycare provider for 2 years but he adjusted really well right away. Miss Maelean is great and provides a safe environment for the kids with learning activities that will help get my child ready for pre-k and kindergarten. I am very greatful I found Passion's Home Daycare!
Anitra H
My son and daughter both attended Passion's home daycare. I cannot say enough good things about Miss Maelean. She is a caring, loving, person and teacher. She is 100% dedicated to her business and is extremely trustworthy. She runs her daycare with love. Even though, we have moved to another state, I still highly recommend Miss Maelean to anyone I know in Illinois that needs daycare. My kids and I have been truly blessed by having met her. I am so happy that we remain friends .
Jacklyn B
My girls have been attending Passion Home Daycare for over 3 years. The kids love Miss Maelean and enjoy being there every day. Her home is inviting, warm, and clean. She has a daily plan and curriculum which is a plus. She makes sure the kids have fun and learn during arts/crafts, activities. They also make time and coordinate wonderful field trips. My husbands work and military schedule can be crazy and I also work long, fluctuating hours and Miss Maelean has always been able to work with us and accommodate our needs to care for our girls. Thank you for being such an amazing daycare mom Maelean. Highly recommend!!
Clanee' C
My two children have been going to Passion's Daycare for about three years now. Ms. Maelene is very warm and kind to both the children and their parents. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help in anyway possible. I personally like that she has curriculum and activities and the children are not just sitting around idle all day. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of wonderful childcare.
Let me start off by saying my son loved going to Passion's Home Daycare. Every morning he would be very excited to go see everyone. I really loved that Ms. Maelean did activities and learning skill with the kids. Many home daycares just let the kids play all day or sit in front of a tv... My worked schedule changed a couple times and Ms. Maelean was very understanding and willing to work with my crazy schedule.... If your looking for a daycare that you can leave your child/children at and don't have to worry about if they will be ok, Passion's Home Daycare is definitely the one. Ms. Maeline has always showed me respect and always have had a great attitude. When I always dropped my son off at Passion's Home Daycare it felt very homey and like everyone was family... Bringing your child/children here you will never be disappointed.
Michelle &
We have been at Passion's Home Day Care since 07/2011. We have 2 children. Our son is 6 years old and our daughter is 4. Maelean Williams is the kindest. most compassionate person you could have to care for your children. She runs an excellent program. She does "school" with the younger kids teaching them their letters and numbers. They take field trips. . . We at this daycare have become a family. We do outings together, there is a family picnic every year. It's a great opportunity to meet the parents of the other kids. We love Maelaen and all that she has done for us. If you are considering a daycare look no further.
Jackie N
We are new to Passion's Home Daycare. Before finding this daycare, we had some bad experiences. It is very difficult to trust other's in caring for your children, the way you would yourself.
All I can say is that I could not be anymore pleased. This place is really great. The staff is wonderful. My son never wants to leave! And to me, that's how you know if they are happy. Before coming here, we had many different issues with his previous babysitter, and he would cry every morning not wanting to go.
My daughter is in school during the day, so she does not get to go, and she asks me all the time if she can come over and play!
This place has been wonderful for us, and there is an amazing teaching aspect, which we love! Our son is rather stubborn, and is difficult to teach sometimes. But just in the short period of time he has been coming here, he has already learned so much. And they just treat him so great, as well as all the other boys and girls.
We are very happy we found Passion's Home Daycare, and we expect to be with them for a long time.
Josie P
. My daughters began attending Passion's Home Daycare 3.5 years ago, and my husband and I could not think of a better place for them to be placed. This daycare is like a second home to them. They never want to leave and always ask if they can spend any extra time with Ms. Maelean and her family. Our girls have very busy schedules and Ms. Maelean accommodates us with different pick-up and drop-off routines. The level of care and attention that Ms. Maelean gives the children is outstanding. She allows the parents to go to work knowing that their children are being taken care of and that we do not have to worry. She employs assistants that give the same level of care to the children that she does and the girls love them equally as well. The care, commitment and love toward all of her children is equivalent with the same care, love and commitment that my husband and I give our girls...she treats all her kids like if they were her own. Overall, I would highly recommend Ms. Maelean and Passion's Home Daycare. I would not take my girls anywhere else and I know anyone looking for childcare will not want need to look further than Passion's Home Daycare
Krista T
My grandson has been going to Passion's Daycare on a full time basis for over a year. I pick him up two days a week and am amazed by Ms. Maelean and her help. The home setting is beautiful, clean, safe as well as a happy environment for the kids. The kids get a lot of outside play during the warm weather and enjoy field trips and outings. I love watching my grandson bring home what he learns and "teaches" me!

This daycare is safe, friendly, professional, well-run and, most importantly, loving. I have recommended Passion's many times. Entrusting your child in someone else's care is never easy. I wish Ms. Maelean and Passion's Daycare were an option for me when my daughter was in daycare!
Gina C
My son has been going to Passion's Home Daycare for over a year, and I could not imagine him going anywhere else. The level of care and attention that Ms. Maelean gives the children is outstanding and beyond anything I would ever expect from a daycare provider. I am comfortable knowing my son is being taken care of in a safe and fun environment. I work downtown and have a long 11-hour day, and not once do I worry if my son is being well looked after.

Her assistant, Ms. Katie, provides the same love and attention as Ms. Maelean. I love that they do activities throughout the day, go on field trips, and do outdoor activities when the weather's nice, so I never have to worry that my son is sitting in front of a t.v. The meals and snacks she provides the kids is nutritional and wholesome and I appreciate the affordable tuition! I get updates and sometimes photos throughout the day, so I know my son is always having a blast!

Overall, I would highly recommend Ms. Maelean and Passion's Home Daycare. I would not take my son anywhere else and I know anyone looking for childcare will not want need to look further than Passion's Home Daycare.
April N
Miss Maelean at Passion's Daycare has been providing amazing care for my oldest son for 3 1/2 yrs and my youngest since he was 2 months old. I love the care my children receive with Miss Maelean; she is a loving and compassionate childcare provider. My boys are happy and outgoing socially and I partially attribute this to the fun and safe environment provided at Passion's Daycare. I feel comfortable knowing they are well cared for while I am at work.

I feel we have the benefits of a corporate daycare center while receiving loving care in a homelike enivornment. I love that Miss Maelean and her assistant Miss Katie are CPR/First Aid certified, there are regular field trips/activities, that daycare is state license and we never have to worry about daycare being closed due to our provider taking vacation. I receive detailed reports daily for my youngest, keeping my husband and I informed. And as a family of 4, I appreciate the affordable childcare rates and sibling discount.

I would and do recommend Miss Maelean and Passion's Daycare to anyone looking for childcare. I could not imagine our children anywhere else.
Sibling discount offered.
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