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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

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In business since: 2000
Total Employees: 2-10
Awards & Accreditations
MBA Rutgers University
College Professor at universities in Minneapolis and Maryland
CPR/First Aid Instructor


State license status: Open ( verified on 9/22/2022)
This business has satisfied Maryland's requirements to be licensed. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on Maryland's licensing website.
Licensing requirements typically include:
  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements


Monday :
7:30AM - 5:30PM
Tuesday :
7:30AM - 5:30PM
Wednesday :
7:30AM - 5:30PM
Thursday :
7:30AM - 5:30PM
Friday :
7:30AM - 5:30PM
Saturday :
Sunday :

Program Details

Child Care Center/Day Care Center
Preschool (or Nursery School or Pre-K)
Additional Details
Special needs care
Developmental (Play-Based)
Special Needs
Teacher/Student Ratio:
Program Capacity:

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Infant $ 285 per week 1
Toddler $ 275 per week 1
Preschool $ 275 per week 1
*availability last updated on 03/06/2022
Full Time (5 days/wk)
  • Cash|
  • Credit Card

Ratings & Reviews

( 18)
Our daughter Elle started Angels Place Daycare in 2021. She is our baby and our first child that has attended daycare. I was extremely nervous and had a lot of anxiety prior to Elle starting. I remember first meeting Ms. Rina and instantly feeling like I have known her my entire life. She sat and talked to me for about two hours and reassured me that Elle would be in great care. That meant a lot to me. She did not have to, but she took her time to explain many things to me and answer my many questions lol. Elle is a pandemic baby and was home with me for her first year and half. She had separation anxiety and would cry entering a new space with unfamiliar faces. Ms. Rina was very experienced with this and reassured me daily that Elle would adjust. Now, when I come to pick up Elle in the evening, there are days she does not even want to leave. I could not have found a better provider for Elle. Ms. Rina communicates effectively throughout the day and sends reminders when necessary. I am incredibly grateful for Ms. RIna and Cailyn, they are excellent with the children, and I honestly do not know what we would do without them.
A wonderful place to send your children. My two sons have learned so much under Ms Rina and Caylin's care. A family oriented daycare where your children will feel safe and have lots of fun!
Carmen D
My 1 year old Kyri started with Ms. Rina a few months ago and I would like to say this experience has been nothing short of amazing for both him and myself. Ms.Rina and her staff treat him as if he is their own, which is very hard to find. Even with him being very active which my last daycare had frustrations about, Angels' Daycare saw nothing wrong with it and said "he's a baby, that's what they are supposed to do." I have seen such a shift in his daily disposition since coming to Ms. Rina. With her he's happy all the time, which is exactly the environment I was looking for... somewhere where he can be himself, rip and run, and play hard. I also like the fact that in addition to playtime, they also have an actual learning curriculum that includes circle time, singing, stories, learning colors, shapes , numbers, ABCs etc.
Also communication--Ms.Rina is by far one of the best communicators at a child care establishment that I have ever encountered. She will text friendly reminders about closings, upcoming holidays, safety tips, and even heads up info (specific to my child) about how his day went, or when he's getting low on diapers, wipes, change of clothes etc.
I am very thankful for her and her team and couldn't have found a better fit for my baby! I highly recommend her and her staff to anyone in need of excellent and affordable childcare.
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Aww.. THANK you Carmen! Your review warms my heart. We LOVE our babies. We care for them from our hearts. To us, it is more than a business. We are shaping and molding minds, behaviors and doing it with loads of love.

We LOVE Kyri and are very grateful that you chose to share your precious Angel with us. That to me is a JOY - that I get to be a part of the process of giving Kyri, and the kids in our care a strong and loving beginning to the rest of their lives. Thanks Carmen!
Tamika G
I am grateful for finding Ms. Rina in my time of need in trying to find a daycare that would be best suited for me and my daughter Skylar who started at 7months. The very first day I came for a visit Ms. Rina was very open and understanding which made me feel at ease. Ms. Rina and her staff is exceptional with the kids and they treat the kids as if they are her very own. She always update me on how Skylar is doing and not too many of daycares would do that. While attending Angel's Place daycare my daughter pick up her eating habits with the help of Ms. Rina which is great now she's always asking her siblings for some of their food while they are eating. Skylar is social and love being around the other kids at Angels Place. I don't know what I would do without Ms. Rina !!!
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Aww.. thank you so much Tamika for bringing Sky to us. She is an adorable addition to our program and we are grateful to share in her growth and development. We are so proud of how we have all worked together to get Sky to enjoy her meals. . Just like she does at home, she now wants her share of the goodies. Precious!
Monica L
I am extremely grateful for Ms. Rina and her staff. Our daughter started attending when she was 5 months old and her growth and socialization has been amazing. As first time older parents, we were so nervous about the prospect of leaving our daughter with a non-family member. We immediately felt the warmth and love that Ms. Rina has for all her families on our first visit. I was impressed that many of the older children she cares for have been with her since they were infants and that some families have had multiple children in her care. Although we have only been in the Angels' Place family for a few months, we are extremely happy with the love and care shown to our daughter. Thank you Ms. Rina and staff!
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Thank you so much Monica for entrusting your bundle of joy to our care. We love each child as one of our own. To us, this is not a business, but an extension of our family to embrace all the families we encounter. We enjoy having Emery in our program. Thanks for sharing her with us!
Brittanie M
My son started with Miss Rina and her staff when he was 3 months old. As new parents, looking for a daycare is nerve racking enough, however Miss Rina met with us and as soon as we walked into her house I knew this was where I wanted my son to be watched over. Our first week there she kept me comfortable and sent me picture updates a couple times a day, which was AMAZING! She treats all of the children at her center like they are her own. My son has never made any fuss when I drop him off. He embraces Miss Rina like she is family, because she truly is as well as the rest of the staff there. I couldn't feel more lucky that we found such a loving and caring center for our baby. My son is now over a year old and has made great friends and new family at daycare. We couldn't be more grateful!
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Brittanie, It has been a real joy to share our hearts and home with lil' Rhogan and watch him grow into a lil' man. Thank you so much for sharing your Angel with us! We appreciate the opportunity to help mold and shape his mind and person. It brings a smile to my face. HUGS!
Corrina W
Miss Rina and her staff are truly amazing. Finding daycare is extremely stressful for any parent, because we are so protective over our children and want them to be somewhere safe and a place where they will learn and bond with other children. I found Miss Rina online and immediately read the reviews of her home daycare. I sent her an email and we set up an appointment to meet. In our first meeting I knew that she had an amazing heart, and a strong passion to care for children. I believe I was there maybe 2 hours for that visit. She shared stories of past children she cared for (with passion in her eyes) and how those children are now older and still visit, and how well the children in her care do at school when the transition to kindergarten. After the 1st visit I knew that my son would love being there and that he would be save and cared for. I recommend Miss Rina to anyone who was nervous as I was looking for care. She has an amazing spirit and great heart. My son loves being with her and all his friends and I am so happy that i found her online. She really takes time to teach the children. It's not a home daycare where the kids sit and watch TV. My son is always singing songs when he gets home, and always has a story to tell me about his day and what he learned.
Thank you Miss Rina for all you do! You are amazing and I thank you for being a great teacher for Josiah. He absolutely loves you!
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Corrina I still remember the day you and Josiah first visited with us. I was not sure that I could keep him both challenged and entertained. Boy was I wrong. Josiah has evolved into the leader of the pact and everyone's favorite friend. He's our singer and dancer and he's poised to walk into Kindergarten way ahead of his peers. He's all set to make you proud! It has been a delight to have Josiah in our program and we will miss him dearly when he goes off to school next year. Thank you so much for being a part of us.
Ana L
Where do I start... Ms Rina and staff are Exceptional at what they do, My Son Xavier was 18 months when we found her daycare in home facility he was having speech & eating problems at that time but now with all the wonderful love, teachings and care that they provide his progress has been amazing! He is now going on 3 years old and is talking, singing,dancing, eating and so much more! I believe that its because the amazing work, dedication and all the wonderful children he is surrounded by everyday that's making him feel so confident and secure that are making him willing to try new things which makes me happy as a parent and very lucky to have gotten a spot with Angel's Place Child Care! I will forever be greatful to Ms Rina & Staff!
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Aww.. Xavier is such a treasury to have at Angels' Place! He's a bout of energy and has bonded so well with his circle of friends. It has been a joy to see Xavier grow and surpass expectations! It's almost hard to remember the gorgeous, slightly unsure little pumpkin who first walked into our world :) It's been a joy to see his confidence spike right along with his overall development, confirming that in the right environment, coupled with love and warmth, anything is possible. Thank you Ana for bringing Xavier into our world. We LOVE BOTH of you!
My daughter was 11 months old when she started at Angels daycare. I was lucky enough to have my parents watch her until then. One week they got really sick and couldn't watch our sweet girl. I was in a panic as to who I would have to watch her. I liked the idea of an in-home daycare because it made me feel like my daughter would be more comfortable. I looked on for someone close and was lucky enough to stumble upon Angels' place daycare. I contacted the owner on a Saturday in desperation that she would call back, and to my surprise she did! She offered the chance for us to visit on a Sunday (when most places are closed) so that my daughter could get acclimated to the daycare and to her. I thought that was so thoughtful! She started that following Monday and knew I was nervous, so she sent me updates and pictures to keep me calm. She is very good with keeping parents updated about important matters.

The daycare is so clean and full of great toys and learning instruments! The owner has so much experience and has taught me so many things as a first time mom. She and her helpers are experienced and so sweet. My daughter smiles when she sees them and is so happy here. I have noticed so much growth since she started. I could have continued having my daughter be watched by my parents but I am so pleased with the care that I want her to continue at Angels Place. She has created a wonderful routine for my daughter and she cares so deeply for my daughter as evidenced by my daughter reaching for her and cuddling with her. She even cooks healthy, organic meals! If you are a first or even more than first time mom, you will find so much ease of mind when leaving your child here when it is time to get back to work. I am very thankful!
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Aww.. Chelsea, you are a warm and sweet family and Ava Maria is a blessing to our program. You just can't love Ava enough..she has a very memorable personality.

I can't stop thanking God for sending you our way. Bonding and connecting with our parents is a very critical piece of co-raising the children in our care, and your family tops the chart! It has been a joy to meet your parents too! Now I know where ya'll, especially Ava, got your charm from😁. Thank you so much for entrusting Ava to our care. We ADORE her.
Akossiwa L
Angel's Place is an excellent childcare facility. Ms. Rina runs it like a home and treats parents and kids like they are a part of the family. I often leave much later than I'm suppposed to because I love chatting with Ms. Rina. She has a warm spirit and my daughter loves her. I know my child (20 months) is in great hands because Ms. Rina sends weekly and sometimes daily reports detailing your child's day. My daughter has learned so much in the short time she's been at Angel's place. She's more vocal and her technical vocabulary acquisition is just flourishing. A 20 month old that rote counts and knows 3 shapes and loves to sing!! I'm truly impressed and amazed by the quality of care my daughter receives!! Thank you Ms. Rina!!
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Thanks Koko! It's an absolute JOY to have Lil' Ms. D in our program. One of the true joys of what we do is to watch a child go from separation anxiety in the first weeks to claiming our program as their second home. It has been quite exciting to watch Delilah learn, grow and blossom so quickly! This is very rewarding. Thanks so much for sharing your precious Angel with us here Angels' Place. To us, both you and Delilah are family and even Marty (our Golden Doodle) thinks so too! 😁
Brandi T
I highly recommend Angels' Place Childcare if you are looking for a center who truly treats you and you child like family. My child has been enrolled at Angels' Place since she was 3 months old (almost 1 year old now). Initially, I was nervous about my daughter being in a new environment at a young age. Ms. Rina sent me pictures and updates to reassure me that my daughter was in safe hands. Additionally, my daughter was exclusively breastfed and had only a few bottles before starting daycare. Miss Rina and her staff were patient with my daughter to get her adjusted to taking breastmilk from a bottle. I also appreciate the frequent updates Miss Rina provides to the parents. Whether it's a message regarding a closing due to an upcoming holiday or a picture message of the kids at the park, the parents are always kept in the know. In closing, if you're looking for childcare where you can be confident that your child is in safe hands, look no further.
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Thanks Brandi. Brea is a DELIGHT and one of the joys of our program! We never can get over how quickly our babies grow and develop over the months. Brea sure is in a hurry :) Watching her meet her milestones and quickly develop her problem solving skills as she adapts to her second home is mind boggling. As always, thanks you so much for sharing your Brea with us!
Elyse I
Excellent!!! My 2-year old daughter has been enrolled for about 5 months now, and loves coming here! Miss Rina makes it a very smooth and easy adjustment for the new children. She creates a warm, clean, and friendly environment. Communication regarding our children and daycare updates are very clear and ongoing. I'm soo happy to have chosen this loving childcare for my baby! God bless :)
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Elyse we adore having Vivi in our program! It's amazing how quickly she has advanced and blended in with her friends. It's been a joy to watch her grow. We are so glad to have the opportunity to serve your family!
Veronika A
I highly recommend this daycare. Rina and her assistant are the most caring and responsible caregivers. They truly have the best interest of every child at heart. My daughter began daycare here when she was only 1 year old and I can remember being so nervous that first day. But, Rina sent me pictures throughout the day, daily report cards, and always spent time talking with me when I dropped off/picked up. As my daughter grew, it became obvious how happy he was there. He would give them hugs and smile in the morning when I dropped him off and sometimes not even want to come home at the end of the day. THANK YOU Rina!!
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Aww.. Thanks Veronika for sharing your Lauren with us. I remember the little baby girl who first came to us. Now I am amazed at how quickly she is becoming a little Miss. I remember the anxieties of a new parent :) I am glad that you entrusted your beautiful Angel to us. So glad to have your family in our program. Thanks for your trust.
Kim H
Angel's place has provided a safe, happy and loving environment for our youngest daughter. Ms. Rina and her staff go above and beyond the normal expectations of a child care provider. She has a true love and concern for "her families", as she calls us. She stays abreast of all the state laws and policies and keeps us informed. You know your little one is in a great place when its all they talk about when they get home and can't wait to go in the morning. Thank you Angel's place (Ms. Rina and staff) for being THE place for our little one.
Kim Harris
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
Aww.. THANK you so much Kim. We LOVE our little Bre' We've watched her grow into a happy and very confident little lady! She's a real JOY at Angels' Place! Thanks for sharing her with us!
Catherine K
What an amazing place! After our nanny moved on from watching our one and a half year old twin boys, we were searching for an affordable licensed home daycare. We were delighted to discover Angels' Place Child Care located just 10 minutes from our home. The kids immediately liked the charismatic owner affectionately called Miss Rina. The intimate atmosphere, the awesome teaching curriculum, the healthy organic food choices she provides and the friendly staff is priceless!! We feel so lucky to have discovered this gem and would highly recommend it not only as a daycare, but almost as a second home for your kids
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
We LOVE and ADORE both our babies in our care and our PARENTS!!!
we have developed extended families for over 16 years, many are still calling, emailing and sending us new referrals.

we still have parents who have relocated who never miss our (providers) birthdates and reconnect over the holidays! imagine that. That's because we do it from OUR HEARTS!

Thanks Kate!! I will miss your boys when they grow up and leave for school.
My son is a special needs child and has been in Ms. Rina's care for over two years. The care that my son has received from Ms. Rina and Ms. Bea has been exceptional. She offers a very warm, nurturing, and loving environment for all children who attend. My son has been cared for by various child care providers, and Ms. Rina has been the best hands-down! I would highly recommend her center to any parent looking for quality care for their children!
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
You know Sharon, I too give bIrth to, and raised a child with disabilities, and hence the transition from a corporate career to childcare. we LOVE our Lukey! With our inclusion program, all of the kids love Luke and learn to include him in their space. This teaches kids acceptance, tolerance and inclusion skills that are critical for their transition to kindergarten and life beyond!

Additionally, you have become a part of our family too! imagine the double BLESSINGS!
Taleya H
Rina has taken care of my son and daughter for the past year, and I am so grateful! She is very warm and loving with the children; she creates a strong family environment that helps the children become at ease quickly. My children love to come home and play teacher and show me all of the things they've learned or reenact games they've played with their new friends. They've learned A LOT since coming to Angels day care and I know they'll miss the environment when they go to kindergarten. I highly recommend Rina and her staff at Angels Day Care.
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
We adore your precious bumpkins and it will be emotional when Noah leaves for school this Fall! How much they've grown and developed right before our eyes!

We are so GLAD that our paths crossed! THANKS FOR BEING A PART OF OUR PROGRAM!!
Gracelyn G
We're first time parents who were anxious about leaving our baby with anyone besides my mom. However I had to go back to work when our daughter was only three months old. I knew I was in the right place when I dropped her off the first day and she fell asleep in Ms. Rina's arms. It meant she was comfortable with this person and felt safe. She receives excellent care here. Location is great and the daycare is very clean and organized. I appreciated receiving regular text messages from Ms. Rina for the first few days to ease my fears. She's still always a text away if I want to check in on my baby. She loves it there and so do we.
Reply from Angels' Place Childcare
I too remember giving my first baby over to a daycare provider.. the anxiety and concern those first few days. Finding the right care provider makes all the difference! That's why we help make the transition smoother for both the child and parent! I am so glad that we can be that for our families.

Thank you so much for your TRUST!
$50 discount on your 3rd week payment
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