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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

**ATTN: TEACHERS AND SCHOOL STAFF** Now Pre-enrolling For The 2021-2022 School Year!! Enroll your child for the school year and we will hold their spot for the summer at no cost!
In business since: 2012
Total Employees: 2-10
Awards & Accreditations
MD State License #159497.
90 hour childcare certification.
45 hour infant and toddler certification.
45 hour preschool certification.
CPR, First Aid, and SIDS training.
Certified Nutritionist.


State license status: Open ( verified on 8/10/2022)
This business has satisfied Maryland's requirements to be licensed. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on Maryland's licensing website.
Licensing requirements typically include:
  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements
Teacher/Student Ratio:
Program Capacity:

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Infant $ 65 per day 0
Toddler $ 65 per day 0
*availability last updated on 01/24/2021
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)

Ratings & Reviews

( 15)
Emily A
I have had the pleasure of knowing Lindsay for almost 9 years, since 2012. My daughter was enrolled at Amalia's Angels Daycare in 2012 for 4 years and when I first met her, I appreciated her honest and caring attitude and approach to child care. She has this total calm and patience with kids that was so wonderful to see. My daughter loved (and loves, Lindsay still keeps in contact with us) her and would cry every day when she had to leave. As a mom, there is nothing that makes you feel better than your child loving their daycare so much that they don't want to go. I could go on and on, but if you are looking for a loving and safe environment, you can't do better than Amalia's Angels Daycare.
I cannot say enough great things about Amalia's Angels. Lindsay treats my children as her own and they feel so comfortable and at home when they are there! Everyday when I drop them off, they scream, LINDSAY! When they see her and their eyes light up. I wish I could give 10 stars!
Simone G
I've been meaning to write this review for some time, but I went back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to publicly say anything negative about another person's business and source of income. With that said, the cavalier disregard of my family's time is what compelled me to write about my experience.

Simply put, I found the owner to be a flake. I reached out to Lindsay on Sept 10, 2020 and after following up a week later, I got a response and we scheduled a virtual video chat for Friday, September 17th. My fiancé and I had a great video interview with Lindsay where we discussed her approach to working with the children while remaining COVID-19 compliant. We found her to be candid, engaging and open-minded. As can be expected, we were enthusiastic to move forward and immediately scheduled a time to tour her outdoor space with our daughter for the following Wednesday. I sent follow up email and received confirmation from Lindsay on Tuesday. On Wednesday, September 23rd, my fiancé, daughter and I drove up to her house at the appointed time... only to find that she was not there. Her husband happened to be on the front porch and seemed completely confused by our presence. In fact, he claimed that she would never schedule a meeting for after hours. Still, he was kind enough to call her, but had to leave a
voicemail. We called the phone number that she provided as well but it went straight to voicemail. It was quite disappointing and embarrassing to be standing on the sidewalk with a toddler in tow waiting for this person to show up while her husband politely eyes you suspiciously... And I don't fault her husband... This is to be expected when strangers 'randomly' show up at your house. After about fifteen minutes, we got back in the car and went back home.

Lindsay did email later that evening to apologize for missing the appointment indicating that personal family issues made it difficult to keep track of appointments outside of her normal daily schedule. In her apology, there was no effort to reschedule the meeting or to pursue any further engagement with regards to childcare. So I asked plainly if she was still interested and capable of moving forward to which she responded by emailing that her 'failure to meet initial expectations would make for a rocky start with something as sensitive as a childcare relationship' and then she offered to pass along any leads that she would receive.

I can't speak on her actual work as a childcare provider, but her communication leaves much to be desired.
Reply from Amalia's Angels Daycare
As Simone stated in her review, she can't speak on my actual work as a childcare provider.

Unfortunately, we did have a missed appointment. I apologized profusely to her and her family, as I own up to my own mistakes. However, during a time such as this (global pandemic) to choose such anger and continued written harrassment against someone for a simple mistake is disheartening. To not have compassion for someone who has repeatedly apologized for a moment of forgetfulness due to being preoccupied with helping someone with CANCER speaks volumes about the reviewer. On this point alone, I would have to say that such attitudes are not welcome here, as we practice CHOOSING KINDNESS.

I hope that 2021 treats you kindly and with compassion, and brings your family continued blessings.
Ashley C
Reached out to day care provider sept 29th, hope everything is okay because I did not hear back from her. I also followed up with a call and left a voicemail. Having worked in childcare I hope this is not how she conducts business by not responding to calls or emails. Even if you are closed or not accepting applications the right thing to do is respond to an email, call or adjust voicemail to make people aware . I was really looking forward to getting information after seeing her profile on Facebook ! However, I can not rate the person based on how she actually runs her daycare as that would be unfair . I would recommend having better communication with perspective clients as that seems to be the issue from the comments below.
Reply from Amalia's Angels Daycare
I am so sorry that you had that experience with a childcare program! I checked back through our phone and email records but did not see anyone with your name having contacted us. Perhaps you contacted our old phone number? In times like this, it is important to help each other as much as possible to keep positivity flowing; we would be happy to speak with you and refer you to some programs with current openings. Please email at your convenience:
My wife and I toured Amalia's Angels Daycare in November. The first tour was after hours with a second tour to follow during working hours if Lindsay thought we seemed safe for the kids.

We'd initially really liked it and asked for a sample contract and handbook to read through. Lindsay agreed that we could schedule another tour during working hours so we could see interactions with the kids. A few days later, Lindsay sent the forms and told us to let her know if we have any additional questions. We've not heard from her since.

I've emailed her 3 times since then and haven't heard any response. I've tried messaging on Facebook and calling as well. Didn't get any response. It's an incredibly irresponsible way to run a business. If the situation has changed, that's fine. I wouldn't have been offended by her saying she didn't have the opening she thought she did or something else, but to completely ignore me is unprofessional. I wouldn't recommend anyone consider this daycare for that reason alone, because I have to assume that it speaks to how she runs the rest of her business.
Reply from Amalia's Angels Daycare
Thanks for your honest opinion; I always appreciate feedback. Since I pride myself in being honest, I must admit that you are correct that I stopped responding to you. Unfortunately, some of your hypothetical questions as well as questions about things that I was very clear about in my policies, left me a little uneasy. Combined with your dozen or so attempts to contact me within 2 weeks, I felt overwhelmed. My instinct is to always be cautious regarding my childcare. My program is gentle, child-led, and nature-based. Even though I am a people-pleaser by nature, in an effort to maintain our peaceful space, when I experience aggressive energy, I do not engage. For not being honest with you about my feelings, I sincerely apologize. Given how enthusiastically you attempted to contact me, I am glad that you were pleased with all of the aspects of our program except my enrollment communication. I do hope that you have found a wonderful provider for your little one and wish you and your lovely family the best in the future.
We toured a lot of places in search for daycare for our little girl, but Amalia's Angels is special . Let me just say that we are so happy that Lindsay is open and honest with us, which is so hard to find nowadays. She makes the parents and kids feel special, she engages the kids in amazing activities like music class and yoga class, and she is easy to talk to. I work in social work and I'm trained in assessing people and situations, and she is the real deal. I can't recommend her enough.
Jane A
I was really nervous to transition my son from a daycare center to home care. I guess I had assumed that centers were safer, more reliable, and provided more opportunities for growth. I must admit that I was way wrong! Having Lindsay in our lives was nothing but a positive experience. She not only has a clean place with a lot of activities for the kids, but she is kind, loving, patient, and attentive. She made our son feel special and took excellent care of him. We saw a huge difference in his manners and his demeanor became much more calm and helpful. His vocabulary blossomed too! If we ever decided to have another child, we would only trust Lindsay to take care of our baby.
I had to go back to work when my daughter was just 8 weeks old, and Lindsay has been amazing since day one. She helped us make a smooth transition as I went back to work (part-time and first and then full-time at 12 weeks). She sends us photos so we can still feel connected throughout the day, and my baby girl is happy every single day at drop off and pick up! Lindsay keeps the place immaculately clean, and the entire place is a child's dream, filled with toys and love. We feel so very lucky to have found such amazing care for our baby girl!
I had contacted and met with Lindsay in April to set up care for a newborn, starting in December. I was relieved to have found someone and have one more item taken care of. However, when I tried contacting Lindsay in August to make sure everything was still set, I had not heard back from her. I have emailed her and called her multiple times with no contact. Not exactly where I want to be with 3 weeks to go until my due date. My husband believes this is a good thing...we found out before we trusted her with our child that she is unreliable.
Reply from Amalia's Angels Daycare
I'm sorry that you feel this way and I apologize for the misunderstanding. Yes, we did have an interview. However, as I state in all of my interviews and follow-up emails, I speak with and interview many people. The decision to begin care is a mutual decision. There was no promise of care made, no paperwork signed, and no money exchanged. I am truly sorry that you believed the spot was being held for your little one. I hope that you and your husband found an amazing child care provider and I wish your family the best in the future.
Virginia R
As an educator and a mom who hasn't utilized a lot of childcare, I am very selective with whom I leave my children. When I went to find childcare for my adopted son from China, I knew I would need someone very special to help him adjust. I can honestly say I couldn't have found anyone better than Ms. Lindsay! Ms. Lindsay runs a tight ship. She is loving and consistent with the children in her care. She makes outdoor time a priority, responds quickly to texts, and fills the children's days with fun. I am so grateful that I was able to find Ms. Lindsay to care for my son. He and I both think the world of her!
Dan L
I have been very happy with Lindsay and I can't say enough good things. She is neat and clean, she is dependable and she has a lot of toys, games, puzzles, and activities for my son and all of the kids. She also teaches him. I have seen a big improvement in his speech and manners since being with her.
Erika M
I started bringing my 12 month old to Amalia's Angels right after her first birthday. I don't have relatives nearby, so my baby had not really spent time in the care of anyone other than me. I was a little worried about the adjustment, but Lindsay has done a great job helping my child (and me) get started with daycare. It has been about 3 months and I know my child enjoys her time there very much. My husband and I were at first a little unsure whether a family daycare was the right choice, but now we are positive it is a better environment than corporate places because mixed ages can play and learn from each other. Lindsay is also extremely professional and keeps the play areas very clean and safe for the kids. Highly recommended!
Katrina L
My daughter has learned a lot of skills with Ms. Lindsay. She goes beyond teaching colors and numbers. She teaches sharing, taking turns, being patient, using nice words and playing well together.
My child is currently enrolled here. She is great. She provides diapers, wipes, food, etc. Ms. Lindsay has an awesome place and my child loves coming here. I don't know what we would do without her.
I had my daughter enrolled in Amalia's Angels Daycare for almost a year before we had to move out-of-state. Lindsay was absolutely wonderful! She was very attentive to my daughter's needs (and all of the other kids too). She provided all of the meals and snacks, which was great because I knew my daughter was eating healthy. And she also made sure that they were learning while playing. She was not only friendly and warm, but she was also professional. She had a really good policies and looked out for the best interests of everyone. Her prices were reasonable too. It's too bad that we couldn't take Lindsay with us when we moved. We loved her!
**ATTN: TEACHERS AND SCHOOL STAFF** Now Pre-enrolling For The 2021-2022 School Year!! Enroll your child for the school year and we will hold their spot for the summer at no cost!
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