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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Receive 2 free hours of hourly care when you mention (must receive a minimum of 10 hours of hourly care to redeem)
In business since: 1994
Total Employees: 51-200
Awards & Accreditations
Vida Senior Resource Certified

Christine Jenkins, Local Care Coordinator & Partner, is a Certified Senior Advisor
Zach Jenkins, Local Care Coordinator & Partner, is a Certified Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) Administrator

LICENSING INFORMATION has not verified this business license. We strongly encourage you to contact this provider directly or state licensing department to verify their license, qualifications, and credentials.
The Safety Center has many resources and tools to assist you in verifying and evaluating potential care providers.


Monday :
8:00AM - 8:00PM
Tuesday :
8:00AM - 8:00PM
Wednesday :
8:00AM - 8:00PM
Thursday :
8:00AM - 8:00PM
Friday :
8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday :
8:00AM - 8:00PM
Sunday :
8:00AM - 8:00PM

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Cost & Availability

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Ratings & Reviews

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I regret to inform you that the caregiver whom I engaged to provide assistance to my partner exhibited a distinct lack of maturity and an alarming frequency of lavatory visits. Their behavior resembled that of an adolescent overseeing children rather than that of a professional caregiver. Furthermore, their communication skills were severely lacking, and they often displayed a passive-aggressive demeanor. However, it is important to note that the responsibility for hiring this caregiver ultimately lies with the individual who prioritized control over the provision of quality care.

I must emphasize that this establishment fails to deliver genuine care, and I strongly advise against entrusting your loved ones to their care. In fact, I explicitly warned the proprietor that I would not even trust them with the care of a flea, let alone a dog or cat. Their lack of competence and failure to adhere to established protocols render them a significant liability. Unless there are substantial changes in management, one should not expect the staff to provide adequate care. I implore you to exercise caution, as the caregiver's boss is utterly untrustworthy and incapable of even overseeing the growth of a weed. It is disconcerting that he interprets friendly behavior as flirtation and resorts to the "oh, sorry" routine when asked to back off. Moreover, he struggles to comprehend that he does not possess the authority to dictate what is appropriate or grant permission. This individual's immaturity is truly astounding.

It is imperative to recognize that this establishment is an abomination to the well-trained caregivers who genuinely care for their patients. Ironically, they had the audacity to inform me that they could no longer provide their services. My response was one of relief and gratitude. They claimed they would arrange alternative care services, but my immediate inclination was to reject their offer outright. I have no desire for them to interfere, meddle, or engage in any other activities, as they lack the necessary skills and abilities to provide adequate care. They are nothing short of a walking, talking nightmare. I must commend their employees for enduring such a deplorable work environment; they deserve a raise for enduring such abhorrent conditions.

The caregiver who visited my home on a daily basis was visibly stressed and anxious. It became evident that his anxiety stemmed from his interactions with his boss. This is far from normal and only serves to exacerbate an already challenging situation. To make matters worse, when I sought respite from my caregiving duties, I found myself burdened with the additional responsibility of supervising the caregiver. It felt as though I was participating in a therapy session for the caregiver, centered around his grievances with his boss. When this was not occurring, the boss would instruct me to relay messages to the caregiver, which I found to be an unreasonable expectation. I am not a therapist, nor am I a secretary. I am unable to comprehend their definition of care, but I would never entrust the well-being of a senior citizen requiring medication and hospital-level care to their establishment due to their evident liability. It appears that they struggle with even the most basic arithmetic, as they cannot seem to add two plus two plus two.

I must acknowledge that the woman who answers the main line is decent, and I applaud her for persevering amidst such incompetence. Speaking with her was the only positive aspect of this entire experience. She was kind, respectful, and provided comprehensive explanations regarding the foundation of the establishment. Whenever I had questions or concerns, she promptly provided the necessary information. She also made an effort to present both the caregiver's and the establishment's perspectives, allowing me to address any issues directly with the caregiver. Her approach was refreshingly open and devoid of any domineering or passive-aggressive tendencies. In fact, I believe she would be better suited to running the business in its entirety. The rate of success would undoubtedly improve if they were to hire individuals who possess superior self-management skills compared to those exhibited by our caregiver.

In conclusion, the dynamic between the boss, who acts as a bully, and the young adult caregiver, who is clearly ill-equipped to thrive in any environment, let alone one involving the care of senior citizens, is deeply concerning. I implore you to exercise caution and consider alternative options for the care of your loved ones.
Never give your credit card information to them. I terminated their services due to being unprofessional. The day I terminated their service, an hour later, I started getting fraudulent charges on my card.
Toni E
All Valley Home Care was recommended to me by Kaiser Permanente after a hospital stay for my mother. Had never had experience with having to have outside care for a family member and was quite terrified. After speaking with Chris and Zach it felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel. They were compassionate, professional, friendly and always available, my phone calls were always answered by a person and never felt that I was being rushed to get off of the phone. They were always available to walk me through what needed to be done for our needs, always came to the house with the applicants we interviewed for our care. It has been comforting dealing with Chris and Zach because of their vast knowledge of the healthcare, home care and government services available for families that find themselves in what can be such a stressful situation. Thank you All Valley could't have done it without you!!
Receive 2 free hours of hourly care when you mention (must receive a minimum of 10 hours of hourly care to redeem)
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