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Saint Mary Senior Care's Photo

Saint Mary Senior Care

1951 Tarragon Lane, New Port Richey, FL

Our Commitment to Excellence
At Saint Mary Home Care we excel at making simple, everyday tasks something special. Saint Mary caregivers not only take care of daily essentials like cooking and cleaning, they also go above and beyond to find out what makes our clients smile. Recently, one of our caregivers discovered that her client had spent his whole life farming - so she purchased some seeds before her visit and planted a garden for them to tend together. Saint Mary Home Care is as much about connecting and caring for seniors as we are about performing the required daily routines. Assisted Living Placement Services Assisted living communities are designed to provide help for residents with basic ADLs

Our Family Portal
Its important to keep a close eye on your family member's care. Using the FamilyCARES portal delivers transparent real time information for families. Traditionally Medical care was provided by doctors and nurses while Home Care was provided by families. With the families spread across the country the traditional care units are no longer able to provide care for our aging loved ones the way it once was. FamilyCARES was built because we know families still want to be involved and do care. The FamilyCARES portal allows for real interaction with Saint Mary Senior Care, oversight of shift work, review of the care plan and much more. FamilCARES portal was built for caring families who until now have been unable to be involved in such a personal and real-time manner.

Saint Mary Senior Care, cares for your senior and by providing the FamilyCARES portal wants to offer you visibility into the care they are providing. Together we can care for our families.

Benefits of Family Portal
1. 24 hour Access- Available whenever you are, and across for all family members
2. Receive real time alerts and review activities at time of care
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