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Kimchi N.|Mountain View, CA

$35-50/hr 10 yrs exp 47 yrs old

Part-Time Tutor With Over 20 Years Of Experience

Two of my passions are tutoring and children: I love to learn and thus love to share that knowledge! I have tutored for the past 20 years, even when I worked full-time in industry. My recent experiences have included tutoring an elementary school student with learning development, a teenager with anger management issues, and twins with Tourette syndrome. I really enjoy seeing each person's progress; it is personally and extremely fulfilling. When I was a junior in high school, my Trigonometry teacher asked me if I would tutor students from his night classes. I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed tutoring. Furthermore, it didn't bother me that I was tutoring adults; I just simply enjoyed sharing my passion. However, I have always found it more rewarding working with children. My best compliment so far is from a graduate. I tutored him when he was 8 years old in various homework subjects. He later shared with me that he remembered in his junior year of high school that it was my inquisitiveness and love for wanting to learn why and how, that resonated with him. Apparently, that piqued his interest in philosophy. His mother told me that once you get him to open up about theoretical topics, he can talk your head off into the night! I only found out that I was responsible for his deep, philosophical interest in 2010, 11 years after I tutored him! The irony is that he is into body building. Thus, you've got this intellectual, deep thinker who has the body of a professional weight lifter!
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In 2021 how much does it cost to hire a tutor in Mountain View, CA?
Hiring a tutor in Mountain View, CA on Care.com will cost an average of $22.75 per hour as of June 2021. This rate may vary depending on the experience each tutor has, the subject you need help with, and how often you will require tutoring.
How can I find a tutor near me?
Care.com currently has 84 tutors in Mountain View, CA. You can search for tutors by their distance from Mountain View and compare your options by hourly pay rate, the experience, the subjects they teach, and their availability. You can also see reviews from other families that have used the tutors you're interested in.
What type of tutoring services in 2021 can I find near me in Mountain View, CA?
The most popular tutoring services that you can find in Mountain View are usually private tutoring classes in subjects such as math, chemistry, reading, English, or Spanish. On Care.com, you'll find tutors in Mountain View who can teach different grades from high school to elementary school, or even college.