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Seeking A Special Needs Caregiver With Heart Defects, Developmen...

Part Time $14 – 18/hr Starts 10/22 Spanaway, WA
My son has congenital heart disease & is in end stage renal failure & is on dialysis. I do his dialysis for him at home every single night. He gets connected & stays connected to his dialysis machine for 10 hours during the night until morning. I'm looking for someone to hang with him mid afternoon some days so I can get out & get my nails done or errands done, & then 1 evening/week for me to enjoy having a dating life again & be able to go out for dinner or drinks. On the afternoon days, the job would entail feeding my son (he's on a renal diet & I would share what meals he's allowed to have with you) & on the evening nights I would require someone to just assist me in putting him to bed. I would connect him to dialysis & then he would not be able to leave his bed until morning since he's connected to a machine, so your job would entail that you just make sure he's staying in bed & not getting out & trying to wander around & if he's comfortable with you, you could hang out with him in his room til he's asleep or I'm home. He's a night owl like me so even when I put him into bed early he often stays awake watching cartoons until 11-12 but he doesn't like to be alone. Our routine is that I lay in his bed with him every night until he passes out then I move into my room.. So he would want company at least here & there until he fell asleep. His comfortably is of the utmost importance to me. I will not leave my son with someone who makes him want to cry when I leave him with them. L. is extremely attached to me, & I'm just as attached to him. He does get extremely upset when I leave because for his entire life, Ive given mine up. So this will all be new for him, me leaving him with someone regularly. But he's the sweetest boy for the most part. He loves hugs and snuggles. He loves to be tickled & read to. He's on a renal diet, which I would go over in more detail once hiring someone. I would prefer someone skilled in caring for special needs kiddos. Someone who understands sensory issues and physical development issues (he cant walk up stairs without assistance, can't climb or jump, & he also doesn't feed himself, so he needs assistance with a lot of things). Id definitely prefer someone CPR certified as well Yes No. Additional needs include meal prep and a non-smoker. Family Age Groups: Youth. Diagnosis: Heart Defects, Developmental Delays.

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