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Photo for Medication Prompting And Mobility Assistance Support Needed For My Grandmother In Lakewood, OH.

Medication Prompting And Mobility Assistance Support Needed For My Grandmother In Lakewood, OH.

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Seeking care for my grandmother in her 80s. Services needed: companionship, medication prompting, mobility assistance. No prior experience required. Female caregiver preferred. A little more about my grandmother: she can be pleasant. Lovely personality, typically independent until recent surgery on abdomen and recovering for a few weeks. Just needs to be there to be sure she doesn't fall trying to get up, grab food/drink from fridge, reminder to take meds and walk in house. I'm looking for someone who is fond of pets. Loves the elderly, enjoys their stories and won't mind reminding her to balance relaxing and getting up to walk with her walker around house to stay strong a few times, She can sit on back deck otherwise just in the house, my grandmas dog frankie( dachshund) is staying with us too and is friendly but annoying and sometimes needs to be let out the back sliding door and let back in. She uses bedside commode to pee and does not have accidents/has full control just needs some assistance out of chair or bed to the commode. she wipes herself. She has colostomy bag for poop but you do not need to do anything with it. She will be very easy. All food is in fridge just give her a choice and put on a plate or open it. She feeds herself. Takes minimal meds just needs reminders to take. She uses walker and mostly does it all herself might just need slight help getting up from bed or chairs.
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How much do senior care jobs pay in Lakewood, OH?
The average pay rate for elder care jobs in Lakewood, OH on is $12.50 per hour as of December 2020. This rate is based on private at-home senior care and may vary depending on your experience caring for seniors, certifications that you may have, and the specific services that you can perform.
What type of senior care jobs can I find in Lakewood, OH? has 2 senior care jobs in Lakewood, OH. You can search jobs posted by local families looking to hire a caregiver for their elder loved ones by distance from Lakewood. From there, you can compare jobs by hourly pay rate, the type of senior care you specialize in and the desired schedule and days you wish to work.
Can I find a senior care job during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Many families and caregivers continue to rely on as a place to connect and help each other especially during these critical times. Many families will want to have a reliable and responsible person who can care for their elder loved ones safely at home and run errands for them during these times. If you're looking for a senior care job, there are currently 2 job opportunities in Lakewood, OH posted by families who need help to care for their seniors at home.