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Applewild School

120 Prospect St, Fitchburg, MA

Costimate: $177/wk

Applewild Preschool provides our youngest learners with a smart start. Here, we view children as powerful, capable and resourceful learners. Our year-round program is rooted in child-centered activities. Our curriculum builds upon the natural curiosities of our students and encourages hands-on exploration. Applewild Preschool offers students the option of continuing an Applewild education at our Main Campus for their elementary and middle school years. How is Applewild's Preschool different? At Applewild, we focus on the process rather than the end result. The activities the teachers plan emphasize the process of doing the activities rather than the completed product. Our Art Studio provides children with the opportunity to explore with paint, clay, wire, collage materials and charcoal, all while fostering self-expression. Children build confidence by turning their ideas into tangible creations.

We stimulate problem solving and creative thinking by providing loose parts. Tinkering with loose parts allows students to answer the question: What happens if ? Without right or wrong answers, students are on a path of discovery and leads children to basic mathematical concepts and simple physics. Our Outdoor Classroom ensures students are well connected to nature and includes a mud-kitchen and space to make music on real, found, and created instruments.

Applewild's Core Values encourage respect and cooperation while our small classes create a nurturing environment where each child is known well. We would love to tell you more!
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