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Pup-Walk Dog Service's Photo

Pup-Walk Dog Service

14 Guenter Street, Butler, NJ

Pup-Walk Dog Service is available to dogs within a general ten-mile radius of Kinnelon, NJ. Services include walking, feeding or guiding pets -- and/or their human counterparts -- in training and behavioral modification. I am an experienced dog handler with a strong rapport with canines, and plan to receive certification as a CDT (Certified Dog Trainer) via CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. I have been working with dogs as well as being an activist on behalf of animals for over 20 years. My dog Tyler is one of the best friends I've ever had, so I wholly understand that pets really are family. Each dog will always be treated with kindness, sensitivity, and force-free, positive reinforcement. The goal is to both stimulate them mentally as well as physically in the time available and make sure they have fun. I am available Monday through Friday, (roughly) 9:30 am to 4:30 pm for half-hour or one-hour training or walking sessions -- depending on time and general availability -- with any additional services provided within that time frame.

All services start with a 'Meet & Greet' consultation, wherein I come to the home to meet the people and the pup(s) involved. I assess their particular situation -- if training or behavioral modification is required -- and find out precisely what the family wants to accomplish. Details concerning the dog's breed, sex, age, physical issues, allergies, likes and dislikes -- including aversion(s) to heat, cold, humidity, thunder, etc. -- are notated, and a schedule for services is determined. A customized guidance or tip sheet for the client and their family is created -- usually within a couple weeks -- which details how everyone involved should reinforce and otherwise support all training, as it's usually the humans who need to be (re)trained as well(!)
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Angel Arms Pet Care Services LLC

Flintlock Dr, Long Valley, NJ

At Angel Arms Pet Care Services, we provide the care and support you and your pet deserves. We are a family owned and operated business built on years of responsible, gentle, caring pet care services. Our head office is located in beautiful Long Valley New Jersey. Trustworthy, caring, dependable, loving care is what all our furry angels receive when they are in our care. Angel Arms offers dog walking, pet sitting in your home or you can choose to have your pets spend some time on the hobby farm we call home. Picking up pet supplies, basic grooming, medicated boarding and so much more. Ruff needs to go to the park for some fun and exercise, we can take care of that for you as well. Fluffy needs to be medicated while you're away, count on us. Pups, Kittens, Birds and small farm animals deserve our care while you're away, be it for work or vacation. Give us a call today to reserve Ruff or Fluffy personal pet concierge. Personal professional services from a fully insured, bonded caregiver. Give us a call today to find a sitter close to your location.

Dog Walks starting at $10/ Pet sitting starting at $20.

Each pet and family become part of our pet care family. We have the ability to travel to any location in New Jersey and northern Pennsylvania that may need our services. If you are looking for a mature individual to take on the challenge of providing the quality care you want for your pet then give us a call and let's have coffee and discuss how we can help!
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