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Sit. Stay. Play!

14225 Garfield, Redford, MI

In late January 2009, I was laid off from the very best job in the world - Media Relations Manager for Leader Dogs for the Blind. Everyday at work was a treat for me. I was always surrounded by dogs and really great people too. I was even able to bring my dogs to work with me. Spoiled with knowing work could be this good, I decided to open Sit. Stay. Play! after a lot of encouragement from family and friends.

I'm an obedience instructor and the director of training at Wolverine Dog Training Club. I have trained all four of my own dogs. I compete in obedience with two of them and visit nursing homes with one of them. The obedience forums I compete in are: the United Kennel Club, Association for Pet Dog Trainers, and C-WAGS. I am certified by the American Red Cross in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Years ago I was a volunteer for Silver Lake Animal Rescue. I rescued feral cats and found homes for them. I adopted Pollyanna from a shelter, Peter from a barn, and Annabelle I rescued from my apartment's parking lot - one of the most dangerous places for cats.

I received my journalism degree from Central Michigan University. I have always worked for non-profits. I spent six years with the American Lung Association of Michigan as their communications manager, six years with MPRO (health care quality improvement) as their communications manager, and then lastly, Leader Dogs for the Blind as their media relations manager.

Animals have always been my passion. When I was little I wanted my parents to take in all sorts of animals. My dad told me, "When you grow up and get your own house you can have as many cats and dogs as you want." I guess that's what I've done.
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