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Photo for Pet Nanny for 2 Cats. 1 Male Who Is Over 1 Year And A Special Female Who Is 8 Years

Pet Nanny for 2 Cats. 1 Male Who Is Over 1 Year And A Special Female Who Is 8 Years

Full Time
We are needing someone just to watch and be around our pets. attention to animals will put them at ease. basic waste clean up, play time, and food time is needed. Their names are Ziggy - Male 1 and half years and Kitty - Female 8 years old Ziggy is full of energy and very vocal. He is mischievous and quite smart. He is a good boy, but loves to play a little too much. He is obsessed with food. He will steal your food if you are not looking. Kitty is mellow. She is getting old now, so she doesn't play or move around as much. She suffers from anxiety and has a compulsive obsession with over grooming herself. She has a condition where her skin is sensitive which causes tail flicking. She is required to have a cone on most of the days so she doesn't lick off or attack most of her tail. she usually is free of her cone when we feed her wet food. She is very shy and timid. Kitty requires more special care than Ziggy Kitty wears a cone most of the day due to her obsessive compulsion with over grooming. just making sure she does not over groom is needed. Kitty also is aggressive towards Ziggy since Ziggy likes to taunt and play with her. They will fight, but never to the point where it's dangerous making sure they coexist is needed. They need to be separated during meal time and sleep time. They only know each other.... they do get along most of the time, but Kitty likes her space. Ziggy is obsessed with Kitty and her attention. We have a drive way for parking.
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