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Boarding For 5 Cats Up To 2 Weeks - I am looking for a place to...

Full Time $8 – 13/hr Starts 03/22 Canton, OH
I am looking for a place to baby sit my 5 cats. I am in the middle of moving and have not secured a house I need them to be looked after and loved! I am very stressed and anxious about doing this. They are my whole life and I need someone I can trust to feed them and love them! Ideally a house without dogs but if they have their own space it may be okay. I would like to visit them often as well this is nonnegotiable I HAVE to be able to see them and spend time with them. Lilly is domestic long hair she is 9 Alaska is black and white long hair he is 5 Tanner is domestic short hair (chonky) he is 4 Phoebe is tanners sister (smol) she is 4 Penn is Alaska and Phoebe baby he is 3 Lilly likes to snuggle she's is a diva and wants to be alone with you she may hiss at the other cats she's just protective of me she's like hair ties Alaska is a snuggle bug and always wants pets. We will meow at you 100% of the time he likes to play with mouses Tanner HATES kisses but LOVES pets! He mostly likes head pets. He love anything plastic I usually give him the plastic that covers my water bottles he goes nuts Phoebe is very shy and she will take time to come out to you. She is vocal and loves pets and to snuggle under the blanket Penn is very shy and will probably have lots of anxiety the first few days. He is vocal sometimes and loves pets and cuddles to lay on your chest or under the covers! He's a sweety All cats are fixed! I have scratching posts and they use them and won't scratch anything else They need fed 3 time a day. I have bowls and I usually just fill the bottom Water changed once a day Liter boxes I usually do in the morning and right before bed. But they may need more frequent depending. I only have 2 liter boxes and they do very well with that Grooming Lilly and Alaska are obsessed with brushes! Tanner and Penn may let you if they don't see the brush Phoebe is likely to run. They all don't like loud noises. They are used to quite peaceful home with no other animals ideally I would like a place without pets or only a few where they have their own space They have never been around dogs and would prefer to not have them around any unless cats will have own room/space Other cats they will need a few days to get used to. I usually leave them be and my babies naturally get curious. They play fight but not anything to be worried about
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