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Jeff B.|San Diego, CA

$10-20/hr 2 yrs exp 33 yrs old

Compassionate Caring Individual Up for Grabs

There is a set of boys who are friends of the family. Every time they come over they ask: "Where's Jeff?". They love me. I get into whatever new toy they are into. We play and pretend. Break out the wrestling ring, bey-blades, or just play with the hula hoop. When they come over I've been dubbed the entertainer to get them in order and give the rest of the adults a break. They're full of energy. Little one wants to play soccer so I got us a soccer ball. The older one likes to play with my legos. They both like the Nintendo Wii, although the 4-year-old is not grasping it yet. The older one (he's 6) and I play Mario games or Wii sports. My friend from high school has two boys as well. When they come around they come up to my room looking for me. When they first see me they run up and hang all over me. These boys love me as well. The younger one is about 3 years old, and he is into the simpler things. We have a dice calender and he would drop them on the carpet and I would announce what each number was. He would get a kick out of that and then he'd do it again. We'd do that for about an hour. In between that and running downstairs to the Wii where the older one would be playing bowling with me and other members of the family. I taught him how to bowl on Wii Sports when he was about 5 years old. He got the hang of it quick and was real happy to learn how to play. These four boys love me (more than the rest of the family). Kids seem to love me and this has grown my interest in child care and teaching. My sister is on her way to becoming a teacher. I never thought about teaching till recent years but Id really enjoy doing something with children seniors or special needs persons. I go to the gym six days a week and this month is month 14 of keeping this schedule. I am very much into fitness as well. I have a 3-year-old puppy and he likes to pull me on my skateboard and he also enjoys walks. Since I've got into fitness, I've been able to run long distances for the first time in my life. I've got three miles in before. This also makes me think I'd be a good personal trainer or dog walker. Growing up I've always seemed to be loved by pets, and respected by the "tougher" ones. Maybe they sense my loving personality. I am very caring, I tend to get emotional when people I care about are troubled and I'm always looking to do whatever I can to help. I feel like I would be a good choice for somebody who needs some compassion understanding and guidance.
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