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Hands-on Care Needed For My Mother In Inver Grove Heights

Part Time $18 – 25/hr Starts 03/03 Inver Grove Heights, MN
About who needs care: Mom is an alert 96 year-old currently living in her own home needing more support to stay there as her physical energy wanes. She recently fractured her arm (mostly healed now) so is having to be more careful about what she does. She likes to read books watch game shows and plays games on her iPad. About the care needs: - Someone who is mature and patient and respectful of my mom's way of doing things even if you think there might be a better way to do things. Not being paternalistic just because my mom is old. - Prompt and reliable - Warm and caring personality - Being able to lift 25 lbs for a very short distance helpful though not required (she has a Cuubi that she uses that she needs someone to move it in order for her to use) - Be willing to clean if needed and to put items in the wash if needed in dealing with mom's incontinence. - Help mom get into bed if needed or to help with her bedtime routine if needed IF SUBBING FOR PERSON THAT IS CURRENTLY WORKING WITH MY MOM IN THE MORNING: Be willing to help my mom with the following tasks as appropriate depending on time available: Daily tasks: 1. Assist me with putting on my compression stockings 2. Prepare breakfast for me - typically cottage cheese and pineapple though occasionally I want something like eggs 3. Fill my Coke holder in the refrigerator and be sure I have several Glucernas in the refrigerator 4. Bringing in mail 5. Emptying trash 6. Cleaning the bathroom 7. Filling dehumidifiers if necessary during cold weather 8. Filling bird feeders if needed. 9. Putting dishes in the dishwasher running it when full unloading clean dishes 10. Making sure my walker is close by and I have everything I need to do things on my own before you leave. 11. Other tasks once daily tasks are completed include: doing laundry and putting away clean clothes sweeping mopping floors as needed. Changing my sheets/bed once a week dusting furniture and shades in kitchen watering plants filling dehumidifiers putting trash and recycling out for collection etc. 12. I may also ask you to run occasional errands e.g. to pick up prescription or grocery items if needed or picking up a favorite food item from a restaurant but will try to keep you out of stores as much as possible to minimize exposure to COVID-19. I will reimburse you or give you cash for any purchases. I have a credit card on file if I ask you to pick up a prescription. 13. While my children typically take me to Dr appts I may occasionally ask you to take me to an appointment if one of my kids cant (this is not a requirement). 14. I may ask occasionally for help with organizing my papers and items 15. Record your hours each day you work 16. Keep a record of any mileage related to your duties if you wish to be reimbursed. 17. Talk with me my daughter or another family member about any concerns or questions. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance. Preference for a caregiver who is female.

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