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Mikaela F.|Spokane Valley, WA

<$10-10/hr 10 yrs exp 33 yrs old


I have always enjoyed taking care of children and I love to be a part of their lives not only as a baby-sitter but as a mentor, teacher and friend. I want to be able to be the one that if the child can't talk to you about something that they can feel comfortable to come to me. Children fascinate me with their desire to ask why. In asking why, they are begging to be taught new and fun things. As a writer, I love learning and being exposed to new things. I love history and mythology. I could spend hours in a museum just taking in all the information, storing it for later use. I love to play and have fun with the children I am around. My friends tell me that I am a little kid trapped in an adults body. I try to make learning fun. When I took care of my cousins when they were little, I would read to them out of the books I was reading. I want to be able to make normal, every day things seem fun and interesting. I have been what I like to call a "professional baby-sitter" for over 15 years. I started out as a mother's helper in my church's 2-4-year-old class. As I got older I became one of the lead teachers for that class. I have taken care of groups of children aging from infant to teenagers and in numbers from one to 12. I have been a mother's helper for many mother's in my church. I was raised in a single parent household with younger siblings. As the oldest child in my family I was called upon to take care of my younger brother and sister while my father worked. Childcare philosophy: With all the children I have taken care of over the years I have found three very central and key elements that I use with every child I take care of. First: Each child is a precious gift from God. Because each child is a gift, I treat every child as if they were my own precious gift. Secondly, I believe in the concept that a child responds better when given options when faced with a difficult behavior. I give them a list of three options that correlate to her present behavior. I then steer her into choosing the proper behavior and reward her for making the right choice. Lastly, I encourage fun. I love games. As I mentioned above even in the car, I try to engage the kids I'm with to use creativity and imagination to make the tedious and sometimes stressful times in the car that much more enjoyable.

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