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Tara C.|Palm Coast, FL

$15-50/hr 10 yrs exp 39 yrs old

I Might Just Be Exactly What You And Your Family Are Looking For

Well hello there! My name is Tara I am 34 years old and I have been in Palm Coast since 1990. Yes, that means I am a transplant from PA. I am from the middle of no where, and I mean the middle of no where in the Pocono's on the boarder of New York. My mother decided to move us down here after she was fed up with the brutal winters. I moved to Palm Coast when there was nothing here, and I mean nothing. Since there was nothing here I was very involved with softball and you could find me on the ball fields every weekend. Once I got to high school the sports and and the extracurricular activities continued and there just weren't enough hours in the day. The sports paid off because it landed me six athletic scholarships by the time I graduated high school. I come from a very close knit loving family. My brother who is only a few years and a couple months younger than me is my guy best friend. We have a joke since we are eighties kids I'm his Mario and he will ALWAYS be my Luigi. My brother is in his early 30's has a successful business, married and has blessed with two beautiful precious little cherubs. My nieces are my two best buds under three feet tall. Anyone who knows me know how much I adore these little girls. Another best friend of mine on a completely different spectrum is a man I respect, and find fascinating. He is a walking and talking history book and I am proud to call him my grandpa. He is ninety years old and I love joking with him, I told him he is almost as old as an fossil, or that he is a collectors item. He loves it, I think I keep him young at heart. Finally the best friend of all time is my Mother, "ma", mommy, mom. She is my everything. I love her with every ounce of my being. Of course growing up when I was little she had special powers and could make "boo-boo's" go away with just a kiss. Than middle school years she was just plain old mean because she told me "NO" and meant it (there was no budging my mother) Me nor my brother had televisions in our bedrooms because my mom was about family time so my poor, poor brother had to watch all the girly shows (I'm the older sibling, it's a rule *wink*) Than high school came she was my ATM, my taxi driver ran me and my brother from one practice to another than back to another, a maid, a cook, a jack of all trades. She did everything for us and was the best cheerleader ever. Than off to college I went. A fun new exciting experience I thought "OH.... MY.... GOSH I am living on my own no parents this is amazing! When we said goodbye we teared up but held it together than I sobbed like a baby when I watched her drive away, until she was out of sight and than laid in bed and sobbed some more. My brother told me she was so hysterical she didn't even make it out of my apartment complex that she had to pull over to let him drive. Than comes the "Sort of rebellious" age of I don't live with you I'm in college I'm just visiting, well lets just say she nipped that in the bud real quick. Than came my upper 20's into the present. This is when my mom has become more than a "mom" she became my friend. The person I would call several times a day just to chat about random things, or to talk about a crisis that one of us was having. When I booked tickets for a show, or a concert or a get-a-way weekend it was my mom who was my wing man. I heard about this growing up but as a kid you are "like pifft, yea ok" Plus I saw it with my mom and her "mommy" R. I. P Grandma, I recently watched my mom's world completely shatter after the death of my grandmother. Yes, death hurts and it is a pain that could never be taken away or fixed. I hated that my mom was hurting and there wasn't a think I could do for her except wipe her tears and hold her when she couldn't stand. However, even though I saw how bad my "ma"was hurting I would never ever give up our friendship or that bond that only death will break for just a short time, until we meet again. As you can see family is huge in my life. I'm a mountain girl and would love to move to Tennessee or North Carolina, but my family is here. I want to see my nieces play sports, dance, play instruments, baby sit for free so my brother and his wife can have date night. I want to just come over to my moms climb into bed with her and watch a "lifetime" movie classic. In the end it's the memories we make with our loved ones, because at the end of the day family is really the only thing we have. Without them what do we really?
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