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Lorie T.|Grand Rapids, MI

$15-30/hr 6 yrs exp 54 yrs old

Soon-to-be Empty Nest Mom (with No Grandchildren In Sight For At Least 15 Years) Needing More Time To Enjoy The Joys Of Little Ones!

I was a stay-at-home mom for 15 years and a mom for 29 (my daughter is now a Junior student and my son is an adult). The year before, she entered high school, I completed my B. S. in psychology at Aquinas, but quickly realized I did not want to practice. So... I wrote a best-selling book, earned my insurance certifications and tried out a couple of part time jobs. Meanwhile, my daughter has grown into a busy high school student who is active with extracurricular activities, college visits and a budding social life and with my eldest child off on his own... What's a lonely mom to do? With plenty of room in my heart (and maybe experiencing a little empty nest syndrome) to love, nurture, guide, and play with a child who still needs adult supervision, I would love to nanny your little one(s). I don't believe in corporal punishment and never used it with my kids. No raised voices were needed, either! My children will tell you that a raised eyebrow, and a firm tone work wonders!! I do enjoy cleaning and admit to being rather OCD about it when my kids were little but times have changed. While light cleaning at your home is acceptable, I will not be your maid: no heavy duty laundry or folding your underwear. No window washing or floor mopping unless I'm extremely bored or the children spill. Vacuuming and light dusting are acceptable. As for errands, I will be happy to assist - but my hourly fee will be raised an additional dollar an hour! Cooking... I'm a vegetarian and try to live a healthy life. I am happy to make nutritious meals for your little one(s). What is most important, however, is what I will do with great pleasure and energy: I will be the trustworthy adult lovingly taking care of your little ones while you are hard at work earning a living for your family. I promise to make sure they are safe, take them to the library, park, museum, peruse the neighborhood on foot or bicycle, maybe stop for a treat at a local coffee shop after we pick my girl up from school, how about sledding in the snow or chilling in the house with books, puzzles and their favorite toys. As for television... I'm not a fan. I don't mind watching a great family movie (Finding Nemo!) on an ultra blustery or rainy day, but TV shouldn't be the babysitter. So. As you will hopefully see from this summary - I'm just a mom who loves being a mom. I've raised two pretty darned good kids and feel there is value in my experience (my daughter was a strong-willed child and my son had ADD). If you like my philosophies on raising children, sense of humor and think you like my style, I'm the nanny for you! **Part time hours are preferable, however, I am happy to work more hours if needed but any additional hours will be time-and-a-half, non-negotiable. I'm a mom, too and I take my personal "mom time" seriously - hey - she's headed to college in just 2 years and then I'll be chopped liver! Peace!
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