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J&V cleaning services

3996 S 3200 W, West Valley City, UT

I was working for a cleaning business for 7 years unfortunately they went out of business, so now I'm trying to build my own cleaning business.

I have a lot of experience cleaning homes, I was in charge of one of the Stephanie's cleaning Services crews and my responsibility back was the quality and efficiency of our job and we always achieved that goal.

Our specialty is new homes; getting them ready to be occupied no matter how dirty and dusty they look we will make them diamond shining .. no job is too big or too small for us. This is what we do..

We will bring everything we need to do the job right!

*Wash, Scrub and disinfect bathtub doors and toilet bowl.
*Wash and disinfect floors with quality detergents.
*Wash, Scrub all bathroom counters.

*clean all exterior appliances such us fridge, oven, stove and microwave.
*clean all your counter tops.
*vacuum/clean all kitchen floors.

Bedrooms, Living rooms, dining rooms:
*dust/clean and polish all mirrors.
*vacuum/clean cobwebs corners and ceiling.
*sweep/mop and disinfect all floors

*Wash, the in and outside of the windows.
*clean the rail and frame on every single window in your house, garage and basement.
*Wash, Scrape hard water off your windows.

garage and basement:
*sweep and vacuum the garage and basement, dust free by using push broom and shop vac.
*power wash, garage and basement washing off all dust, mod, stucco or dry wall.
*or both for the same price.

Houses of all sizes Apartments/Condos/office and meeting halls.

Living room
dinning room
Move in/Move out cleaning
1st time ... you name it.
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