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Dustpans & Broomsticks

Coupeville Oak Harbor, Oak Harbor, WA

Dustpans and Broomsticks is a local cleaning company owned an operated by a local hometown girl.

We believe that a naturally clean home is the best alternative for you and your family. We are uniformed and professional with 25 years of cleaning expertise, formally trained in cleaning techniques to assure you an efficient and detailed clean home.

Dustpans and Broomsticks is environmentally friendly. We make most of our own green cleaning supplies from natural ingredients which are placed in re-usable spray bottles, washable microfiber cleaning clothes and bag-less vacuums with washable filters.

You will come home to a home that is bright and cheerful or calm and relaxing depending on which scent you choose using our Aromatherapy methods.

Clients choose their preferred essential oil scent of: Lavender, Lemon, or Orange Clove.

Feel like you just want to wind down after a hard day rather than scrub that sink or tub? Or maybe you need an energy boost to get in the cleaning mood? Perhaps you'd really rather be somewhere else like meandering through a lavender field. No, I'm not suggesting you get a massage, grab an energy drink, or book a flight to Provence. But you can do all those things with some essential oils added to your cleaning regimen.

Used in aromatherapy, essential oils are a great addition to non-scented, green cleaning products and homemade, natural cleaning recipes. They are all natural and biodegradable because they come directly from plants. With their powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, they get cleaning jobs done!

Not only do essential oils get things clean, studies show they can help you in other ways from lifting your mood to boosting your immune system.

Dustpans and Broomsticks has a different standard than other cleaning companies when it comes to cross contamination. We rotate out two different vacuums and sanitize the canister and filters between each home. This insures no odor, dust mites, fleas or bed bugs will transfer from another home. Our vacuums have washable filters and are bag-less which makes them environmentally friendly as well.
We use re-usable microfiber cloths for cleaning that are sanitized and washed between each home. They are color coded for use so that the ones which are used in the kitchen are not the same ones used in your bathroom. We take your safety and health seriously.
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