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The Besties Residential/Lawn Cleaning Service

3440 Larkwood Ave, Louisville, KY

We specialize in aiding with domestic duties around the house as well as taking care of the outside of house as well. Here at B.R.L.C.S. we understand that sometimes we all need to have an Ahh moment. We offer services by the hour, week, month and even year!! Whatever is best for our clients we will do per our discretion. No job is too much for us and we strive to make our customers happy. We offer all household duty services for example: Kitchen ( dishes, mopping, sweeping, stove cleaning), Carpets ( vacuuming, shampooing, stain lifting), Bathrooms ( mopping included as well), Dusting throughout the house, bedrooms, playrooms, windows. Laundry can also be done but that would be ab additional charge excluding under garments . We also rake leaves, mow grass, and make sure your landscaping is up to par. Lawn care service is an additional charge and will be separate from in home services. We will use our own products so our clients will not have to worry about us using their personal items. We also offer free quotes. Once you tell us that you are interested, we will set an appointment to come out to your house and give a detailed estimate of the services you will need. Pets are fine as long as we don't feel like our life is in danger while doing our job. So give The Besties a try! We guarantee you wont be disappointed! At the end of each visit, we will leave a special surprise for our customers to let them know we care. We are not responsible for any broken items unless it was knowingly broken by us. If there are personal/ valuable items please put those items away in a place where only you know where they are.
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