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WonderLand Cleaning Co.'s Photo

WonderLand Cleaning Co.

29002 Raesrtone St, Spring, TX

We take cleaning to a whole new level, we care about every customers needs, and with the highly trained staff we leave your home fresh and clean.
With 10 + years experience combined, there is no job too small or to large.
The owner of the company is on every job, and the job performed comes with a 24 hour guaranty.
All products used are Eco-Friendly.
If you have any questions please let us know as we are here to help all we can.
Reviewed by Gary C 5/5 stars
It's hard to imagine it was just eight months ago, it feels like a lifetime. More than likely because I was living a different life back then. The hustle of life was weighing me down, despite my abundant effort it seemed like I was falling short everywhere. Then I received a call. I had to leave town unexpectantly for a family emergency, but I couldn't.... there was too much on my plate. So I did something I wasn't known for; I took suggestion. I let go of my pride and let somebody help take some of the tasks off my plate. I've never needed a cleaning service before, but the only thing holding me back was the thought that I can handle it on my own. But there was no other option, so I called Wonderland. I got to admit, Shelly's approachable sensibility really made the decision comfortable. Even though my home and business were 'moderately-sized' AT BEST; before I ended that first call, I questioned why I hadn't made this call sooner. Who would have thought it? My departure for a committed 48-hour grind would end with an arrival to a blissful lifetime commitment. Despite my love for classic literature, I do not have the words to truly emphasize the quality of work that was performed. My standards have always been to give my best. However, I was simply looking for convenience, and I wasn't placing my expectations that high for someone else to perform. Yet to my amazement, I was taught that my best was never really that good. My home and office were immaculate. In all honesty, it was as if (for the first time in my life), I had something that was perfect! I assure you if my realtor used Wonderland to stage my home, I would have dropped another 10 grand on the bid. If the property manager of my business park would have used Wonderland prior to my walk-through he could've squeezed another 5 grand in my terms. Furthermore, if I could tangibly hold that 15 thousand in the palm of my hand right now-- I couldn't think of a better investment than to put Wonderland on a retainer. I digress. I'm not making this review simply because Wonderland set's the bar for REAL cleanliness. I'm writing the review because of how much my life has changed since I originally called them. The quality of my day-to-day tasks has improved immensely. When I open my storefront, I begin everyday with a clean slate. When I finally make it home at the end of the day, I don't have to trick myself into having the energy to run to simply pick-up and never thoroughly cleaning. Today I can embrace being tired and take care of myself. Wonderland allows me to use that time saved improving my craft. This may sound crazy, but it's almost as if my daily routine is twice as productive allowing me to better focus on the appropriate direction for my long-term goals. I've read plenty of reviews in my day, whether it be an insulated water bottle that will fit the cupholder of my car, or a Disney resort to surprise my daughter with for our summer vacation. While some haven't been 100%, I never regretted taking the time to read them. However, if regret is what you're looking for, then WAIT before you finally call Wonderland. Lord knows, the ONLY thing I regret, is not calling them sooner.
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