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Photo for Housekeeping For Disabled Person. It Is A Weekly Cleaning.

Housekeeping For Disabled Person. It Is A Weekly Cleaning.

Part Time
My condo is approximately 900 sq feet. One bedroom, plu another used as the dog room. I do not sleep in mine so no bed making/changing needed but once every couple of months. I need regular duties to be done. Because I'm disabled I need things that I am unable to do. Dishes: I live alone so not a large amount. Laundry: every other week. Needs to be done now. A laundry room on site and I pay for it with a reloadable card. I can't walk to the clubhouse to reload it, so you will have to. The clubhouse is close. And pet waste removal and cleanup. My dogs go potty indoors as I cannot walk them. They use potty pads (that can be picked up and thrown away), and fake grass pads with trays. The fake grass needs to be put in the tub, sprayed well with bleach and soaked for a short while, then rinsed off. The dogs are 17, 9 and 4. 5 pounds. They can make piles of waste, but the piles are not big. One other thing is bringing in the groceries from the front door and putting them away. This is weekly, and I order them to be delivered, hopefully, in the first hour you are here. Everything else is pretty basic: cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom, dusting, occasional cleaning the sliding door, picking up living room floor, vacuuming and mopping. Needless to say everything that goes along with these things. Once you get a routine it takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to finish. I pay $40 for the job. If you finish in 2 hours the pay does not change. Able to have good housekeeping skills. Also someone who likes animals and gets along well with people. It has both parking available and public transit at the entrance to my condos. I have a 17 pound mini poodle who is friendly but a little cautious at first. He is almost 8 years old and has never threatened anyone. I have a 9 pound poodle Pomeranian mix who is also friendly. She will be 9 years old in June. She, also, is super sweet. My last dog is a 14-year-old yorkie mix. He is very cautious and doesn't like to be picked up unless he is on the chair with me. One time did he nip at the back of my housekeeper's leg, but we all believe he was wanting attention. He has a large overbite so I am not sure he's even capable of actually biting. All dogs are neutered and spayed and have current rabies shots.
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