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Photo for Medication Prompting And Light Housekeeping Part-time Support Needed For My Father In Billerica, MA.

Medication Prompting And Light Housekeeping Part-time Support Needed For My Father In Billerica, MA.

Part Time
Seeking care for my father. Services needed: companionship, bathing / dressing, feeding, meal preparation, medication prompting, help staying physically active, mobility assistance, transportation, light housekeeping, errands / shopping. Looking for someone with 7+ years of experience caring for seniors. Specialized care needs: nursing experience, support for memory care. A little more about my father: he can be anxious, outgoing. Our dad is a 72-year-old male who lives alone. He has vascular dementia, and exhibits mild to moderate memory issues, which vary by day. Type 2 diabetic care needed- AM blood sugar check and supervised insulin injection (he does his own insulin.) He is very "old school" and has a strong personality, he can be stubborn at times, but is also pleasant and chatty. He needs assistance with most things, especially hygiene care; showering, nails, shaving etc. He can no longer drive so he loves to be driven around. Coffee addict! His skin is very fragile so it often breaks with minor bumps. Wound care will be require; band aids, gauze, etc. Medication supervision needed, ability to do his pill box a plus but not necessary. I'm looking for someone who is patient, chatty, firm, strong. We need someone who is patient, caring and polite, but firm with medication compliance and hygiene expectations. Someone who can take initiative, needs little direction, and can establish a daily routine which can attend to our dad's basic essential needs, household chores, and socialize to help keep up his spirits. Must be highly organized and able to juggle multiple tasks in a day; showering, laundry, light meal prep, cleaning, etc. Family is supportive and hands on. Our dad was very independent his whole life but now is mostly home bound because of his declining memory and health. He wants to stay in his house, so we are seeking someone who can help improve his quality of living while he is able to stay at home. He is very "old school"; never washed a dish or cooked a meal, and these traits are evident in his elderly age. We are looking for part companion/part care taker to help with his many needs.