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Lillian's Daycare

1500 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA

Costimate: $322/wk

I am placing this add for my daughter's daycare provider as she is wonderful and happens to have an opening:

She has been in business over 17 years; always done daycare, and has raised 5 of her own children, and has two grandchildren.
She speaks Spanish in the home, and her children all speak Spanish and they help with the kids on occaision.
She speaks perfect English also, and will respect your requests if you ask her not to speak Spanish to your kids
She lives in a very nice, clean, apartment home. (Franklin Street Apartments) located convienently on El Camino Real.
On hot days, she has the a/c blasting to keep the kiddies cool, and gives them fruits and low-sugar popsicles.
There is a playground located securely on the premises of the complex on the second floor! Your kids never have to leave to have fun indoors or out!
She structures the whole day - they have limited TV, they sing, they color, they do crafts, and they play in a circle and practice letters, colors, and shapes.
She cooks all meals for the kids fresh each day - nothing out of a can, or microwaved.
If your child is still on formula, it's included while your child is there -- cutting your costs by A LOT!
She is a Christian woman who is active in her church, she volunteers on her free time for elderly, and she is super kind, sweet, and patient
She will help you potty train your child, and if you're not sure how to go about it, she'll show you everything when your child is ready :)

All of this, and she is EXTREMELY reasonable. She charges $45/day and she's open from 7:00-6:30pm Mon-Fri. She prefers to take holidays off but she is flexible if you cannot take the day off. She is fully licensed so everything you spend is given a receipt and also write-off-able on taxes. She has only taken 2 sick days in the past 3 years that I have had her watching my daughter (and now infant son too). She rarely takes any days off for herself, and is even available on weekends if need be (but needs to know in advance to schedule time).

She's wonderful to my children, and I hope that you will contact her to interview her in person! :)
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