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I was a homemaker. I home schooled all 5 of my children and my wife was employed. Life was good. Needs were met and we were happy, until she suddenly fell ill with a mysterious and debilitating sickness that no physician could diagnosis. I watched her decline quickly, become dependent and depressed. I remember the almost daily trips to and from the ER, sick visits to her primary care, carrying her to the bathroom and bathing her because she was too weak to even stand. I wondered how could a completely healthy woman become so ill so fast, yet all her tests were normal? Her illness had doctors baffled as she struggled for survival. The weight loss, the inability to eat or drink, the chronic dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, the pain and the depression was trying to claim my wife's life. After losing nearly half her body weight over the course of just a few months, her bones protruded through her skin. Her healthcare team decided to take lifesaving measures. She was hospitalized, a PICC line was placed and she was ordered IV nutrition and discharged with home health nursing while additional tests were run. Afraid, I knew that when her home healthcare team wasn't there, I was her caregiver and I had to learn the ropes because I was her only support. The home health nurses trained me on proper sanitary practices, PICC line dressing changes, how to run administer IV fluids and medications, how to connect and run Total Parenteral Nutrition, how to measure intake and output, how to take vital signs, how to position a patient to prevent breakdown and what signs and symptoms to look for in emergency situations and how to place orders for supplies. Through my wife's illness, I began to realize how important the role of a caregiver is and how heavily the patient relies on them for care. I was able to watch her downhill spiral turn into an upward battle as she slowly began to recover with round the clock care. Many tears were shed while I watched her suffer many days and nights, but her gratitude of my support spoke volumes. How can someone so sick be so thankful for something as simple as a cup of ice water? But, sometimes, it s the small things that count. Taking care of her made me feel complete. And accomplished. A horrible situation bought out the best in me and enabled me to discover an unknown passion of caring for others. This was something I was good at. Illness can be a mystery, but healing is a process and I desire to be a part of that journey for anyone who is in need. Though I make lack the formal education or medical licensure, my experience measures up to that. Most healthcare staff take care of people because it s a job. In my case, it is a desire, as I am genuinely interested in helping patients with their healthcare needs. From running errands, picking up prescriptions, doing household cleaning to administering medication, assisting with personal hygiene, to someone who may just need a companion, I am available and willing to help. Today, my wife has made nearly a full recovery and encourages me to provide the same level of care to others that has been an integral part of her turnaround. Her illness has set the stage for many others to be attended to and given the help that they need in the use of my services. Businesses are started everyday with an idea. I am starting this with a goal ---preserving life.
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FAQs for finding an errand runner in Kannapolis

How much does it cost to hire an errand runner in Kannapolis, NC?
Hiring an errand runner in Kannapolis, NC on Care.com will cost an average of $17.00 per hour as of September 2020. This rate may vary depending on the experience each provider has, how often you will need the person to run errands for you and the types of tasks you need them to take care of.
How can I find a good errand runner in Kannapolis, NC?
Start your search by filtering errand runners by distance from Kannapolis, NC. There are currently 2 errand runners in Kannapolis. If you'd like to increase the number of candidates, you can expand the area of your search around the city. From there, compare candidates by hourly rate, experience, and the specific errand services they provide. Be sure to check reviews from other families in Kannapolis who have previously hired any of the providers that you are interested in.
What services will an errand runner provide?
Errand runners can usually help you with anything that you need either at your house or going to places around Kannapolis. A few examples would be taking your laundry to the dry cleaning, shopping for groceries, helping you pack for a move, organizing your storage, driving your kids to and from activities around Kannapolis, etc. Errand runners are pretty flexible when it comes to helping you, with even the most random things.