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Corso Jim's Puppy Ranch's Photo

Corso Jim's Puppy Ranch

17604 Hickory Tree Court, Lutz, FL

Your pup will enjoy a cage free vacation with us!

Many of the big box boarding facilities have kennels or small rooms where the pups stay, with very little outdoor area to play in. Not at Corso Jim's. The goal at Corso Jim's is to provide a home away from home for your four legged family members. With a lot of swimming, fetching, playing and socializing thrown in.

Our home is situated on one acre of land with plenty of room to roam and run. We do not use cages or kennels. Dogs will usually sleep in the house with us. In addition, we have a 3000 ft separate facility on the property which serves as the main pup house.

Animals are our absolute passion. Fur babies have been a huge part of our family and our love for them has grown over the years. We own four dogs and a cat who are very loved and well take care of. From making sure they get plenty of love and affection, enough exercise, a clean environment and a healthy diet; they get everything they need for a happy life. Family and friends always bring their fur babies here when they visit and they stay with us when they need a dependable, responsible pet sitter. We are using our passion for animals and have opened it up to other dog owners/lovers for weekend puppy parties. Swimming, fetching and having plenty of room for exercise...we have everything your four legged family member could want for a fun filled, safe stay with us!

Meet our pets:
Corso Jim, 8 yr old yellow lab, 110 lbs. Alpha dog, very smart, affectionate and loyal. This boy loves to swim and fetch and play with our 5 month old puppy. And he has a very loud bark which he utilizes quite effectively when he wants something (like to go swimming, to eat or wants snacks).
Paulie, 3 yr old chocolate lab, 95 lbs. Extremely sweet and affectionate. He's the biggest swimmer and fetcher of them all! Loves being outside, especially when it's cool weather. So much so that it's hard to get him to come inside.
Sheeba, 10 mo old Flat Coated Retriever, 65 lbs. Beautiful black shiny coat for this beautiful girl. She loves getting in all kinds of mischief and certainly keeps us on our toes. She will eat pretty much anything that will fit (or not) in her mouth. Loves to play all day and very energetic, affectionate and loving.
Martini, 5 yr old, Weinaraner, 71 lbs. New addition to the family. Very smart, energetic and loves to talk. Very affectionate and craves attention. He's a sweetheart for sure.

Come check us out! For daycare or boarding :)
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