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Erica E.|Berkeley, CA

$27-35/hr 6 yrs exp

Experienced, Hard-Working Home Care

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I am a highly educated and very experienced family assistant. I've worked in various care positions for over a decade, ranging from child care, to disability care, to household management, to tutoring. I like to clean and organize things. I like to set up play spaces so that they're really easy to pick-up and I'm one of those weird people that actually enjoys doing the dishes and laundry (it's a great excuse to listen to my favorite podcast, "In Our Time" which discusses history, science and philosophy.) My favorite jobs are ones where I also get to do tasks like groceries, weeding, changing the air filter, taking the car to get an oil change, or whatever else is needed! Most of my professional experience has been in the care professions, but other jobs I've held include: grunt-work researcher (summarizing textbooks and studies), hula hoop performer and instructor, data entry temp and a research internship in human factors engineering. As for my own personality, I'm a bit of a geek. I enjoy learning about the history of science, game theory, cognitive biases and so much more. I love reading, board games, playing laser tag, swing dancing, hula hooping, wall climbing and learning. In my past, I did color guard and medieval recreation (mainly sewing, embroidery, tablet weaving, etc). Before I moved to PDX, I used to run a critical thinking group in Columbus and I'm rather proud that it's been continuing on without me.
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FAQ for cleaning ladies in Berkeley

What is the going rate for hiring a cleaning lady in Berkeley, CA?
Hiring a cleaning lady in Berkeley, CA through will cost an average of $19.75 per hour as of January 2021, although many cleaning ladies will charge a fixed rate per day. This rate will vary depending on the size of your home, how many areas of your home need to be cleaned and whose cleaning supplies will be used.
How can I find a good cleaning lady in Berkeley, CA?
There are currently 24 cleaning ladies in Berkeley and you can filter all local cleaning lady profiles by distance from your zip code. From there, compare providers by hourly rate, experience, and the specific cleaning services they provide. Be sure to check reviews from other families in Berkeley who have previously hired any of the cleaning ladies that you are interested in.