Can your company afford NOT to offer Backup Care?


Can your company afford NOT to offer Backup Care?

Discover how a small investment in Backup Care can have a huge ROI

It happens to even your most organized and highest performing employees. Their child, adult or pet care plans fall through unexpectedly leaving them scrambling to find care so they can get to work. Schools close due to a snowstorm,  a child wakes with a fever and can’t go to daycare, an older parent needs immediate care, or the nanny calls in sick.  Disruptions in employees’ care routines are inevitable, but how employers support employees when care breaks down can make or break their company. 

With today’s economy, finding care at the last minute can be next to impossible, not to mention expensive! If employees don’t have access to Backup Care–a vetted, subsidized solution to help them fill gaps in care–they likely will miss work altogether to care for their family. And that means costly productivity losses and unwanted absenteeism for employers.

The question is not “can you afford backup care?” The question is, can you afford to not offer backup care, when there’s a solution to prevent missed work and lost productivity attributed to family care needs.

Backup Care saves employers money by reducing employee absenteeism and improving productivity

73% of employees have caregiving responsibilities. And in a recent survey conducted by Care, 87% of employees surveyed said they miss work when their regular care is not available. This quickly adds up to productivity losses for employers. Employers lose $3 billion in lost productivity due to employee absenteeism due to child care breakdowns alone! 

Conversely, employers who offer Backup Care reap the benefits of a productive and present workforce. With Backup Care employees report a 56% boost in productivity and employers report a 30 % decrease in absenteeism.   

Sharp HealthCare, a major hospital in San Diego saved their essential workers 4,500 days of missed work within 6 months of implementing Backup Care. Similarly, national retailer Best Buy has averted 7,000 days of absenteeism since offering Backup Care.  

Backup Care helps employers recruit and retain top talent

In a recent Care survey, 84% of employees said Backup Care was their top care need–and 70% of employees who used the benefit said they are more likely to stay at their company. These findings are consistent with employer survey results too. Employers who offer Backup Care and family care benefits report a 29% increase in recruitment and a 21% decrease in turnover. Similarly, companies that offer these benefits are also recognized on the “Best Companies” to work for lists. 

Backup Care helps all employees (not just parents) providing benefit equity for employers

Many assume Backup Care is just for parents –but in reality, backup care can be used to cover gaps in care for children, older loved ones and even pets. 

Backup Care for children is available with vetted centers or in-home caregivers for infants up to age 12, with options to subsidize the cost of care for tutors for older children.  Backup care for adults is offered by vetted caregivers who provide in-home care as well as transportation to medical appointments. And pet backup care can be used when employees have to work late, go on a business trip, or when their regular pet sitters aren’t available. 

 So it’s a benefit that can be used and enjoyed by virtually all of your employees–not just those with dependents–making your benefits package more inclusive. 

With Backup Care employees no longer have to choose between caring for the ones they love and work–because we all know who will win! 

When employees can’t find or afford temporary or backup care arrangements, they have no choice but to miss work to care for their loved ones. With Backup Care, employees can book care by app, mobile web or phone 24/7–and the cost of care is subsidized by their employer–making it convenient and affordable for them to get to work even when they have disruptions in care.

Employees can use vetted network centers or in-home caregivers for a low employee co-pay up to a set number of days per year. The number of days can be determined by the employer, but most offer employees at least 10 days per year. Plus, the best Backup Care programs offer employees choice and flexibility in who they use for care. Care’s Backup Care program, for example, gives employees the freedom to use caregivers of their choice–favorite sitters, centers, camps or caregivers outside of the network–and submit receipts to get reimbursed for the cost of care up to a daily limit.  

With flexible, affordable care options at their fingertips, employees no longer have to choose between staying home or going to work. Instead they can get to work as scheduled knowing their loved ones are in good hands–and that they don’t have to break the bank. 

Backup Care is one benefit you can’t afford to cut out of your budget. A small investment in backup care benefits will have a huge return on your investment. Discover how Backup Care can help your organization reduce employee absenteeism, improve productivity and recruit and retain top employees.