Top employer-sponsored child care benefits for the summer

Top employer-sponsored child care benefits for the summer

While summertime and the end of the school year marks a time of celebration for many families, it can also be a source of stress for working parents. When school is officially out for summer, parents of school-aged children often scramble to make child care arrangements so they can maintain their own work schedules. 

Finding new care arrangements during the summer can be time-consuming and expensive for parents, but fortunately, there are ways you can help. Employer-sponsored child care benefits help working parents find care so they can stay focused and productive at work—even when the kids are out of school. 

Top 5 employer-sponsored child care benefits

1: Caregiver Marketplace

With unlimited premium access to a caregiver marketplace, such as Care Membership, working parents can search for background-checked caregivers and sitters in their area.

2: Concierge Support

Personalized, 1-1 support from Care Specialists allows employees to connect with child care experts who will research care options on an employees’ behalf and refer them to providers that best meet their needs. This time-saving benefit can include finding camps, daycares, or in-home caregivers. 

3: Backup Care

When schools are out or the regular caregiver takes a vacation, an employer-subsidized backup care program can be a lifesaver. With Backup Care, employers allot a set amount of backup days that employees can use throughout the year. When care is needed, employees can simply book a vetted child care center or in-home caregiver through our marketplace, or use a caregiver from their own personal network.

4: Employee Discounts

With the cost of child care on the rise, child care expenses can quickly add up. Employer discount platforms, such as LifeMart, provide savings at child care centers nationwide. Plus, LifeMart also offers valuable travel and retail savings—making it more affordable for families to plan a summer vacation or to keep the children busy with fun summer activities around the home. 

5: Care Subsidies

Employer child care subsidies are another way to help employees offset the cost of child care. Employers can choose the amount of the subsidy, how it can be used, and the reimbursement amounts. Providing a subsidy to offset the cost of care at any time of the year is an effective way to help parents offset child care expenses.  

Employers who offer care benefits to help employees find and afford child care reap the benefits of a more focused, productive, and loyal workforce.  

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