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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

The Schoolhouse is now a half day, drop-in and/or, emergency care to accommodate the needs of our community. Rate is $20 per hour. Minimum 2 1/2 hours per day. Must pre-register and have a visit of facility first. Evening/Night care available!
In business since: 1985
Total Employees: 1

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Program Details

Child Care Center/Day Care Center
Preschool (or Nursery School or Pre-K)
Additional Details
Emergency backup care
Developmental (Play-Based)
Sign Language (ASL)
Mandarin (Chinese)
Teacher/Student Ratio:
Preschool 1:5. Baby House 1:2
Program Capacity:

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Toddler $ 25 per hour 5
Preschool $ 20 per hour 20
*availability last updated on 03/16/2020
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Half-Day (Morning)
  • Personal Check|
  • Cash

Ratings & Reviews

( 13)
Jessica C
My daughter has been here for a year, and we love it. She has learned so much. She has even been more outgoing then before starting here. She is always excited to go ti school. We love that she gets to have home cooked meals.
We love that Tia developed connections with the kids and knows how to interact with each one differently. She always updates us on whats going on, especially if she notices a change in our child. I can tell she loves what she does. We highly recommend The Schoolhouse to any one.
Ethan K
We have been with the Schoolhouse for 6.5 years and have been absolutely thrilled with the love, care, and learning that our two children receive. We especially love the Spanish language exposure, organic home-cooked meals, and outdoor playtime. We whole-heartedly recommend the Schoolhouse for any parents looking for high quality childcare in the Chapel Hill area.
Marguerite Y
My daughter has been at the Schoolhouse for 2 years. It's been amazing the difference I've seen in her both socially and behaviorally. Tia Claudia pays special attention to each child. She doesn't just teach a curriculum, she also has personalized behavioral goals for each child. She's very responsive and has extensive ongoing discussions with each parent about their child's current needs. I also really appreciate the Spanish and Chinese curriculum.
Sarah T
We enrolled our daughter at The Schoolhouse ("Tia's House") four years ago next month. Claudia treats every child with love and care and the kids adore her. This daycare is the right fit for anyone who wants their kids to learn multiple languages, eat well-rounded, homemade meals daily (Claudia will always cater to special dietary requirements), and spend their days in an environment that feels like a home. My daughter will start Kindergarten having learned the fundamentals of reading and math from Claudia. As some reviewers said previously, this is a small operation, so some flexibility is required. But Claudia will care for your child (and sometimes you!) as if you were family.
Katie A
My daughter is always in such a good mood after coming home from Tia's house. She's always bringing home fun projects and is learning some Spanish and Chinese. They spend a good amount of time outdoors and get home cooked meals. Sometimes Tia will do special pajama parties on Friday evening so us parents can have a date night. Been very happy here.
Jocelyn F
My first thought when walking into this school was "This feels like Grandmas house!"The environment is welcoming with wooden toys, dress up, books and more developmental toys. All appropriate, clean and organized. Tia has taught my daughter many things, but most importantly for me, she taught and guided my shy daughter on how to make friends. At drop off and pick my child and others are always coming in and leaving with a smile...or sometimes they are purely exhausted from all the outdoor play and nature walks that Tia gets them on. If your curious about this place, I highly recommend asking for a tour.
Side note: The children do wear school uniforms. So that's a little extra cost at the beginning.
My child never had so much attention and care as he did at Schoolhouse. The owner really has a way with kids. All of them - no matter their personality - are very attached to her.

It's a small operation, so you have to be a little bit flexible from time to time, but it's also a very close knit group. We were very happy with the care and education our child received there. And yes, a homemade lunch everyday!
Jessica B
We've had a wonderful experience at The Schoolhouse. I chose The Schoolhouse because wanted my children to learn Spanish in a home-like setting. The delicious home-cooked food, Chinese lessons, and variety of enrichment activities were a welcome surprise. My children have benefited immeasurably from their preschool experience with Tia and her caring staff.
Alma A
I am so happy i found this daughter loves it. She wakes up excited to go to school. She has learned so much in just a couple months. I love the healthy diet they have. She got potty trained there as well. I couldn't be happier. I feel comfortable at work, knowing she is safe and happy.
Justin S
Our daughter Savannah has only been with Tia for a short couple of weeks and she has just been a sponge for the teaching, gardening, and the way she talks about Tia and friends is just amazing.
Our daughter Savannah has gotten used to getting up and is always excited about school.
Tia and the teachers there are so kind and patient with our child.
It's such a blessing to have found Tia and the school and would recommend this loving, caring, nurturing school to all who could get their child a seat in The Schoolhouse at Greenwood.

Tia, keep up the good work!!!
Beware of this school. Read the contract carefully. Observe Tia's treatment of her staff and how that reflects on the children in her care. She isn't there very often during the day running errands.
Reply from The Schoolhouse at Greenwood
The legal enforcement of a broken contract leaves all involved with an unpleasant taste of the experience and, makes one forget all the good parts of the whole event, remembering only the bitter end.

No director of any child care center is there 100% of the time. I do run errands when the children take their naps, which coincides when many parents have a brake from work. All that know me know, that, they can reach me at anytime as all parents are given my personal cell phone. It is a matter of organizing one s time.
Regarding my teachers: one teacher has been with me 11 years, and, the other teacher 4 1/2 years. We have a family atmosphere and we work harmoniously. Childcare is competitive and teachers are well sought. The fact that my teachers stay with me years, speaks for itself.

Please come visit, and you will see very happy, relaxed, and loved children which comes when teachers can be themselves in the environment.
K. A
My child has been in Tia's care since she was crawling. Our family couldn't be happier with the care provided and with our child's development. Our 4.5-year-old is excited about learning and wants to do "homework in her math book" on the weekends. She also has a true appreciation for the wonders of the physical world. Tia has created a wonderland using her outdoor spaces that safely engage children in the exploration of nature. We truly feel like we have had a partner in raising my little one. I appreciated the attention paid to care (potty training, in particular), diet (our request for gluten-free and diary-free meal options has been honored), and social/emotional learning (I can tell the difference when out on the playground with other children). If I had to do it all again, without question I would seek care at the Schoolhouse at Greenwood. Their services have been a true gift to our family.
Reply from The Schoolhouse at Greenwood
I thank this family for these words. They are exemplary parents. Childcare is good or bad depending on the teacher/parent relationship. I thank you, K ,for always being respectful of our staff, complied with school s rules and being (always) aware of your little child s. needs. You have enriched our lives!!!
Jennifer R
Terrible experience. 1) She plays favorites between children. The proprietor would discuss her behavior and negative opinions of other children and parents openly at pick up and drop off. She believes in shaming kids to behave. 2) We were relocated out of Chapel Hill after a few months and she would not let us out of her contract. We gave her notice but her contract obligates you for the entire agreement. Never said anything to us for 5 months after our departure, and when she demanded her money. Never contacted us directly to discuss. She's a disgraceful individual.
Reply from The Schoolhouse at Greenwood
The real issue here was that two individuals became bitter and unhappy when they were legally made to fulfill their legal obligation from a broken contract.

It is very alarming, even to me, to hear all the untruthful accusations listed above when we never had one single disagreement, nor any complaint ever was mentioned to me by them. These children were lovely. Oldest child graduated from our school. We had a lovely party.

All was well until the father got ~...bored of Chapel Hill~ stated the mother to me. So they were thinking of moving to Five Points in Raleigh as it would be more cosmopolitan and, ~...there would be more things for him to do.~ She had tried to keep him happy by going to Germany to buy a custom made car for him that worked on his voice commands. That was his price for, ~...him moving here from up north,~ she said with a smile. That didn t keep him happy in Chapel Hill. So they moved to Five Poins in Raleigh.

The second contract (new school year) was given to these parents in March and were due in April. They didn t turn it in because they weren t sure if they were staying. Their current contract was ending in June. They needed care until August. I explained that most families need the space by August so they needed to decide as I couldn t be left with an empty space. I m a small preschool and the sole earner.

In May, I was elated when the father gave me the new signed contract. I really believed that was the best thing for their three year old in my care. He was blooming in our school, and moving him was not ideal.

End of June I was told of their move to Raleigh. I talked about the contract with the mother. She replied, ~Ah Tia, you ll find someone soon.~ I did mentioned that they were responsible for the contract, she replied, ~I am not worried about it. You ll find someone.~ Got up and left the playground aloof.

So readers know:

1. Mother s job was in Greensboro- it didn t change. She was going to have to drive 1 more hour to get home to Raleigh, so her husband had more entertainment in Raleigh. So, her job didn t change.

2. Father worked from home. His job didn t change.

I tried for months to fill their spot once they left at the end of August but it was not possible as families are in the centers of their choosing by September 1st.

They created a hardship that cost a part time teacher her job. It was not necessity that made them move. It was luxury at the expense of others.
The Schoolhouse is now a half day, drop-in and/or, emergency care to accommodate the needs of our community. Rate is $20 per hour. Minimum 2 1/2 hours per day. Must pre-register and have a visit of facility first. Evening/Night care available!
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